When I ask clients what they’ve been rehearsing, sometimes respond that they haven’t really been using that particular manifesting skill lately. They say they’re doing other things, like meditating or dropping tolerations.

But I’m pretty sure most of us are rehearsing something every day.

We might not be consciously aware we’re doing it, but every time we imagine some scenario unfolding in our mind’s eye we are practicing our future.

I noticed recently that I was practicing what a dry summer we’re going to have this year, and how much my furniture will get banged up during a carpet install. I regularly rehearse what to say to the police officer who pulls me over. And how awkward my friend will feel when I ask for that favor.

It goes without saying this is a ridiculous use of my creative power!

You know what would be smarter for me to rehearse?

  • Being amazed at the insights with the next coach I work with.
  • The enjoyment of where I live no matter what does or doesn’t get developed nearby.
  • The scenario where it’s so easy to have these carpets replaced!
  • A horse fence that’s easy to install, and placed perfectly!
  • A new vet I like even more when my favorite one retires.
  • The meadow to replace sections of the lawn does amazingly well!

My point being that I could rehearse life turning out so much better in so many ways.

The same is likely true for you, too.

Are you rehearsing for disappointment or glory? Are you practicing defeat or victory? Are you practicing feeling good or feeling bad?

Sometimes we’re really on it, using our power for good! But there are plenty of times when that’s not the case.

Whenever you’re thinking about the future, you’re creating it. Not just in your formal five minute visualizations every day – but everything you anticipate in your imagination throughout the day. We’re rehearsing way more than we realize.

So let’s “real-ize” something better!

Instead of the money running out, or the spouse being mad, or the government getting it wrong again – let’s instead rehearse what we prefer.

We can harness the power of our mind by being more deliberate and intentional about what we imagine happening, instead of letting old fears or disappointments lead the way.

Your invitation:

Take an inventory of what you rehearse over these next couple days. Pay attention to what you’re practicing.

And when you notice you’re rehearsing what you don’t prefer, switch it up!

The more you play with this, the better you get at upgrading your rehearsals. Use your power for good, fellow creators.

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