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More answers to your questions on heart energy! You asked, I answered.

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Do you have to work hard to expand heart energy?

Working hard to expand heart energy is not a requirement. Feeling much is the requirement.

Feeling your heart energy opening and expanding is more important than trying to expand your heart and make it large enough to engulf your body and flow out into the cosmos. Learning how to open your heart to surround you and to touch those around you is of primary importance.

Remember the analogy of hot air pumped into a hot air balloon? Keeping the fire lit is of primary importance.

You may not experience an expansion of heart energy unless you extend the fire up through your body, up through your torso, far enough to reach your heart to expand it in such a way that it is easily expandable, and then move the heart energy beyond your body so that you can reach those beyond you and touch others who are expanding their heart energy.

How far outside your body can heart energy expand?

Heart energy expands outside your body as an infinite expansion.

If you put a pebble in a pool of water, a wave will move out until there is no longer water for the continued expansion. If you expand your heart energy, there is no boundary, there is no limit, and it can go on forever. It is infinite, this expansion of vibrational energy out from your body, out to wherever it can go. There is no limit.

What is the most important thing to know about heart energy?

The most important thing to know about heart energy is that it will make you complete. Once complete, it will allow you to realize that your time in this body is a very short period. You are only here to learn a very minute thing that you have forgotten about or that you have not been able to move past in a previous lifetime.

Once you realize this, it will be much easier for you to have the knowing, to have the learning that you are supposed to absorb, and to watch and be a part of as you are now in this body.

This learning is not to be a punishment for you.

There are people who are in jail – within the iron bars who are within the boxes – who believe that they may have done wrong. There are others who are standing outside of the iron bars, watching the ones inside and saying to them, telling them, and reinforcing that they have done wrong.

There is no wrong.

There is only a matter of being a part of and learning and so desiring that you realize there is meaning in all things that you do.

Being stung by a bee is meaningful. It does things to the body. It makes you more aware of this creature that has landed on you and stuck its stinger inside of you and put this little bit of its life inside. It is life that is entering in you and that life is the same as light.

Having the light and the heart energy come inside of you is an opening to the Universe.

It is an opening to the being that you really are, to the light energy that you are which is a part of all things.

All things are one. You are a part of the one and you are one.

The more that you open your heart energy, the more that you allow it to come inside of you, the more you will be able to move quickly and easily through your time on this planet.

It will allow you to be more of a part of everything around you.

It will help you to realize that you are only here for a short period and once you know what it is you were meant to come here to learn, you know that you will pass on and once again be a part of the Universe, in the wholeness of being a part of the Universe.

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