Even conscious creators underestimate the true power of our story.

When we’re knee deep in a real life problem it’s not unusual to believe that fixing it requires some powerful force of intervention.

(The problem just seems so real. And thoughts seem so … abstract. Ethereal. Flimsy.)

It feels kind of weak when Abraham or some other LOA teacher suggests all we have to do is tell it differently.

(If it were that easy, don’t you think we’d have done that a long time ago?!? We need a real solution here, people!)

And yet, a new story is not only the catalyst for resolving our predicament; the story is also the perpetuator of it. It can’t continue to be without our continued investment.

It’s the story, sweetheart.

That’s the power of stories – they create and transform, they sabotage and support, they morph and mold our realities with every telling.

When we don’t like what we’ve got, conscious creators can turn to the story we tell as our first and most important tool of change.

We have to stop telling it like it is if we expect it to be any different.

Waiting for reality to cue us for a new story makes for a long wait. Because reality awaits our cue – through how we speak and think it into being.

“Tell it different” seems so unsatisfying to someone who thinks they’re dealing with a situation trickier to unravel than just rethinking it.

But it really is that simple: our entire reality arises from how we think it.

It always starts there.

You can tell a different story.

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