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I received a great question on karma and the Law of Attraction.

Jonathan from Australia aks, “How does karma relate to the Law of Attraction? If my actions decide whether good or bad things happen to me, how can I manifest what I want? Isn’t it already decided for me?”

My answer?

I used to believe in karma. I used to believe that whenever something bad happened in my life it was because of something that I did either in this lifetime or a previous one. But when I learned the truth about how life works…

…about how the Law of Attraction works…

I learned that everything I believed about karma was wrong.

You see, karma allows us to be a victim, to place the reason for all of our fortunes and misfortunes outside of ourselves. It’s a scapegoat.

When we use karma as an excuse for the events in our lives, we prevent ourselves from growing and from discovering that the thoughts we are sending out into the world bring us the very fortunes and misfortunes that we experience.

How Karma Relates to the Law of Attraction

Every minute of every day we create our lives. We are not rewarded for past good deeds or punished for something we did 10 lifetimes ago. Karma, like our lives, is NOT predestined and unchangeable.

We were born with free will and, at any given moment, can change our lives for the better or the worst. The choice is ours and it all begins with the thoughts we choose to think.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to be 100% focused on our thoughts and what they might be bringing to us. That’s why we can attract things unintentionally – whether it’s a new job or a car accident.

In other words, our thoughts can catch up to us.

But misfortunes only arise when we live without conscious awareness of our thoughts.

Every moment, we can decide what thoughts we choose to have. These thoughts create our experiences.

We have the power to decide what we want to appear in our lives.

It doesn’t mean life is without consequences.

It does mean we have full control over what happens…

…and karma doesn’t matter to the Law of Attraction.

Updated: July 26, 2022

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