In a moment I’ll be sharing with you the precise message I recently received from The Universe…

If you’d prefer to listen to this as a podcast episode, it will be live in the next couple hours on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

And then I’ll share how you too can receive your own message from The Universe by speaking, embodying and affirming just a few simple words. 

But first, let’s set the stage for what’s to come. 

As a cherished member of my manifesting community I want you to know that I am always thinking of new ways to support you on your spiritual journey. It’s my greatest joy to see your manifestations materialize into real life results. 

But why is it that some people manifest with ease and grace while others can’t even manifest a dirty old penny on the ground? 

I believe it’s a symptom of disconnection from the magic of the Universe. 

If you joined me and the 18,000 participants this week for my 5-day manifestation challenge, you probably recognize now that The Missing Key to The Law of Attraction is CONSISTENT connection with The Universe.

Now to clarify… we can never truly be disconnected. The Universe is ALWAYS there for you… 

However, your sacred relationship with The Universe must be activated and amplified to get real and meaningful manifestation results. Just like we must do when we want healthy relationships, your connection must be built and nurtured consistently.  

So let me ask you a question… 

Have you ever thought that perhaps you’re not listening to The Universe? 

Or worse…

Do you ever feel like the Universe isn’t listening to you?   

I’ve asked this question many times over the past month and it’s for a specific reason…

I’m hearing it everywhere in my community. And while some are painfully aware of their disconnection, others need a gentle prompt for self reflection (and hence, the question).

The key take away I want you to get here is this…

You’re not alone. And there is a clear path available to you to feel connected again (with The Universe – and permanently this time). 

Now, the last 2 years have been challenging for ALL of us. It’s been a period of self-reflection, re-evaluating our values and priorities, and a time of great change on a global scale. 

For me, 2021 has been a time of auditing everything I knew about The Law of Attraction and Manifesting so I could reconnect with the Universe and ultimately… serve you at a higher level. 

As I began to uplevel my manifestation teachings, I prioritized self-care for the first time in my life and, when I did, something truly magical happened…

The Universe spoke to me. 

It happened while I was in Sedona, Arizona. An absolutely mesmerizing, mystical and magical place I fell in love with and, in just six months, visited three times! 

It’s a place I truly feel connected to the nature and groundedness that I also love about The Hamptons on Long Island, NY – which is where I am writing to you from now. 

Here’s how the Universe ended up speaking to me…

On the 19th of May, 2021 – and while in Sedona – after sitting in deep reverence and appreciation for everything that lead me up to that point (the good, the bad, the joyful and the ugly)… almost like a lightning bolt I felt a powerful connection with The Universe unlike anything I had recently experienced…

And I had to write! Because The Universe was sending me a very specific message.

That message was this:  

“Dear Sarah, THIS IS YOUR SIGN. It is time to create a new school for meaningful manifestation. Show people not just “how” to manifest,” but more importantly, how to manifest sustainably and meaningfully. Teach them how to create a consistent and unbreakable connection with The Universe. The time is now. Go and create.”

My hands were trembling and I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the mission ahead of me. And so I did what any sound person with the guidance of The Universe would do…

I took inspired action and got to work. 

It took 22+ years of meditation and visualization training, metaphysical studies, graduating from the school of Hard Knocks and riding the many exquisite waves of success and failures to finally create this… and I am so honored, humbled and grateful to finally be able to share this with you: 

>>> The Dear Universe Academy – Your School For Meaningful Manifestation

Now, in a moment, let’s talk about how you can receive your own message, idea or sign from The Universe, but first I have to clarify…

The Dear Universe Academy is NOT currently open…

However, it will be open to “the public” in just a couple days on Monday, November 8th at 8:00 AM PDT, and here’s why that’s important…

There will be a very special early bird bonus for anyone signing up on Monday, there’s just one problem…

There’s only a limited quantity of the bonus available.

I wish it weren’t the case, but you’ll understand why on Monday when the bonus is revealed…

Now that “limited quantity” may not sound like good news, so here’s how I’m going to make it great news for you: 

Anyone who signs up to the VIP waitlist will be invited to enroll 1 hour prior to me pushing the “DOORS ARE OPEN” announcement to over 300,000 people. 

Which means you’ll get the chance to get the early bird bonus before the supply dries up. 

So here’s what I encourage you to do now: 

>>> Get on the waitlist and set a calendar reminder for Monday, 11/8 at 7:00 AM PDT(that’s when you’ll receive your invitation after getting on the waitlist)

What is The Dear Universe Academy? 

The Dear Universe Academy is a 14-week interactive video-based training program where you will master the art of meaningful manifestation and finally create a consistent, unbreakable connection with The Universe… so you can finally manifest the life you’ve always dreamed of.

If you’re wanting to uplevel your life, business, relationship or career, this program was specifically designed for you, and I promise you this…

When you enroll in The Dear Universe Academy, your days of feeling disconnected from The Universe will finally be over. 

Now how do you receive YOUR message from The Universe?

Like I said, it’s actually quite simple and requires speaking, embodying and affirming just a few simple words…

The words begin with, “Dear Universe” and they conclude with the 8 words you see in the image towards the top of this page.

And by the way, please do not take the simplicity of these words lightly

I will share more insight on how to use them tomorrow, but in the meantime…

>>> Read The Words on This Page. WRITE the Dear Universe Affirmation by hand and speak it aloud…

And then, most importantly, get on the waitlist for The Dear Universe Academy so we can continue our journey together:

With Love, Sarah Prout

P. S.

I’ve poured my heart and soul into this message and I highly encourage you to read every word, because it contains the very path you need for a life filled with meaningful manifestation.

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