Manchester, New Hampshire, USA Skyline on the Merrimack River

The housing market is booming almost everywhere you look. But some places, although selling just as fast or faster than other communities, remain relatively affordable compared to other hot real estate markets across the country. With home prices reaching record highs, “affordability and strong local economies remain very much top of mind for today’s buyers.” 

This is why Manchester, NH is currently number one among all housing markets across the United States. In Manchester, homebuyers can still get a single-family home for $300k or less. Consequently, many new buyers are currently from out of state — undoubtedly looking to escape high taxes and other costs of living.

In the month of October, Manchester homes were typically selling within 24 days after going on the market — a full 21 days quicker than typical housing markets elsewhere. For instance, compared to Boston, homes in Manchester were selling at a much lower price point, which led to more out-of-state home buyers entering into the community, more out-of-state home buyers telling others about their purchases, and Manchester consequently becoming one of the hottest housing markets of 2021 as a result.

When you also take into account that New Hampshire has no state income or sales tax, it’s no wonder that Manchester is a great place to live if you’re looking for the best way to potentially save your money while transplanting from one community to the next.

The average cost in Manchester has been so low that even three-bedroom homes have recently been listed for under $300,000 — a sharp decline from comparable homes in major metropolitan areas, like nearby Boston. Given the scarcity of affordable housing in many markets throughout the country, would-be home buyers are more and more often turning to areas like Manchester as an alternative to higher-priced markets that have priced out some buyers.

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