Looking at Vacasa reviews, the platform might be a good choice for short-term rental investment. Here, we’ll explore Vacasa in more detail.

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  1. What Is Vacasa?
  2. Vacasa’s Features
  3. Is Vacasa Legit?
  4. What Do Users Think of Vacasa?
  5. Vacasa vs Mashvisor: Which Platform Is Better for Investors?
  6. To Conclude

What Is Vacasa?

Vacasa is a property manager for vacation rentals. It allows the users to search for vacation homes, and according to some Vacasa property management reviews, it does so most efficiently. Aside from Vacasa vacation rentals, the platform offers several other things, such as:

  • Screening guests
  • Stocking up on guest amenities
  • 24/7 guest service
  • Coverage in case of damage
  • Permits and taxes assistance
  • Listing sharing on the biggest rental platforms
  • Expert cleaning services
  • Digital marketing and custom copywriting
  • Virtual home tours in 3D
  • Photography
  • A phone app

As both Vacasa and Vacasa reviews tell us, it also provides vacation rental maintenance. Namely, Vacasa seems to hire local staff across the different real estate markets. This is definitely a great selling point for busy landlords.

Basically, when you put up your Vacasa home as a rental listing, Vacasa will share it on its partner rental websites, such as Airbnb, TripAdvisor, Vrbo, Booking, Expedia, and Google.

This approach allows the landlords to expand their reach. What’s more, Vacasa doesn’t limit its users to only posting listings on its platform. That way, it’s possible to further add exposure to your listing by sharing it on other sites as well.

Vacasa reviews report that hosts get charged a flat fee, but it’s necessary to get a custom quote first. Considering that every vacation rental is unique, it’s only natural for the host fees to differ.

It seems that Vacasa is one of the best Airbnb alternatives available today, especially since the platform provides both property management and rental listings.

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Vacasa’s Features

Vacasa is a full-service vacation rental management platform. As mentioned, it will help the hosts manage their income property, from housekeeping to marketing. Aside from that, Vacasa provides a comprehensive homeowner account that allows users to keep track of their rental performance and more.

This account is pretty much a home base that lets the homeowners keep track of everything that’s going on with their vacation home. When you sign up on the Vacasa website, an email invitation will be sent to you to log into your account. Once you’re logged in, you can get insight into various information.


The calendar feature makes it easy to keep track of guest reservations. What’s more, you can use it to reserve some personal vacation time, too. The account won’t show the guests’ full info, but only the first name and last name initial, and the number of expected guests.

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The so-called dynamic revenue viewer allows homeowners to check how well their vacation home performs in real-time. It’s relatively simple to check the property’s financial outlook and even make comparisons by month and year.

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Homeowners can also see and download printable monthly statements for each vacation home they manage. The statements include information like monthly income and expenses.


If there’s something wrong with your vacation home, be that a faulty faucet or a broken stove, homeowners can request maintenance services via their account. After adding a short description of the problem, the local property manager will take the necessary steps to fix it.

Home Info

The local property manager is a part of the Vacasa homeowner account. It allows the owners to access information about their rental homes quickly and even view their listings.


Via the account, homeowners can update their tax information and access the tax preparation forms. To make the whole tax experience easier, it’s also possible to download a .xls file that will have annual data such as income, expenses, and repairs.


In the setting section of the account, users can choose their payment method. For instance, they can opt for direct deposit to receive the money faster.

Homeowner App

Users can also download the Vacasa Homeowner app so that they can carry their property manager wherever they go. The app allows the users to track the bookings in real-time, set alerts, and get notifications they want, as well as book their own vacations.

Is Vacasa Legit?

To state it simply, yes, Vacasa is legit. However, it seems that the company expanded a little too fast in order to provide top-notch service for every single property and booking. This is precisely why there are people who now doubt Vacasa’s legitimacy. 

As it will become clearer from the following Vacasa reviews, the company is 100% legitimate, and it seems to be on the right road to diminishing people’s doubts.

What Do Users Think of Vacasa?

Let us now focus on the real deal, namely Vacasa reviews. What makes Vacasa so easy to doubt these days is the matter of opposing reviews. When it comes to Vacasa rentals reviews, a lot of positive feedback expresses the renters’ satisfaction with the service and the rest they’ve gotten. There are some reviews that are painted in a more negative tone; the complaints are mostly associated with the poor vacation rental management at certain locations.

What about Vacasa reviews by owners? Again, the reviews, in this case, are overwhelmingly positive. Homeowners seem to find the full services that Vacasa offers to be quite helpful. The biggest stop where Vacasa reviews seem to differ is, again, the property management aspect. While some vacation rental owners are more than satisfied with the local staff, others seem to be less enthusiastic about the local property managers and cleaners.

Improvements Needed  

Based on the public Vacasa reviews, it seems that the biggest issue stems from the occasional screening misjudgment for local staff hired. While some are definitely amazing, it’s obvious that there are some mishaps that tend to happen with sudden company growth.

However, we can expect to see more glowing Vacasa reviews in the future. The company is going above and beyond when it comes to providing the homeowners with adequate care and service in regard to their properties.

For starters, Vacasa added more local team members in order to expand and better their support. The company has started the housekeeping training program as well as the Vacasa Premium Clean program. The goal is to make sure that the owners’ vacation rentals stand out from the rest of the available homes on the market. What’s more, owners won’t have to worry about losing popularity due to increased fees since this new service doesn’t involve added costs to either the guests or homeowners.

Vacasa reviews have been very positive so far when it comes to the so-called triple sheeting technique as well. This particular technique boosts the hygiene levels of the rental and presents it in a 5-star hotel fashion.

Vacasa also focuses on further homeowner assistance in terms of better revenue. The company does the work instead of homeowners in order to suggest the best competitive market prices. Thanks to this approach, homeowners can expect to get the best possible revenue in the future, with regard to the specific market conditions.

Vacasa vs Mashvisor: Which Platform Is Better for Investors?

In order to get comprehensive real estate data as well as estimates and projections, nothing can replace a trustworthy real estate analytics platform. This is precisely what Mashvisor does, thus helping budding investors make the right decisions.

No stone is left unturned; Mashvisor offers a wholesome selection of tools that make it possible for investors to manage everything related to real estate investing, from finding the right investment property to comparing them.

When the said comparison is concerned, users can make the most out of Mashvisor in terms of both long-term/traditional and short-term rentals. That way, investors can safely pinpoint the ideal property that would suit their goals and real estate strategy as well as bring in the best income.

Investment Property Search

On Mashvisor’s Investment Property Search, users are able to look for properties that match their criteria. With a thorough map and plenty of filter customization options, the search can be as narrow or as wide as you like.

Vacasa Reviews: Mashvisor Investment Property Search

Mashvisor’s Investment Property Search is usually the first thing you will find upon logging in, so you can immediately start looking for an investment property that meets your goals.


The Investment Property Search includes the much-needed Real Estate Heatmap tool. Thanks to the Heatmap, you can easily go through the color-coded areas and check the market’s performance. This is one of the most effective ways to get an idea about the best short term rental markets for your investment portfolio. Aside from that, users have access to valuable metrics such as rental income, cash-on-cash return, listing price, occupancy rate, as well as cap rate.

Vacasa Reviews: Mashvisor Heatmap

Mashvisor’s Real Estate Heatmap shows users which parts of the city they searched for are performing relatively well based on their set criteria.

Property Finder

If you’re set on the specific market(s), Mashvisor’s Property Finder tool will help you select the most lucrative investment property for your budget and needs. Powered by machine learning and AI, the tool will sort out the available properties based on your own criteria, allowing you to easily screen for one that would provide the best return on investment.

Real Estate Analytics

Apart from being able to search for the best investment properties and customize your search accordingly, Mashvisor also provides you with the right set of tools to perform the necessary investment property analysis.

The analytics will deliver calculations and projections when it comes to the investment property you’re interested in. What’s more, every single property has its own analytics page. There, you can see info such as the characteristics of the said property together with the information about the owner and tax history.

The analytics tool comes with its own interactive calculator for rental properties. By using this calculator, you can get all the important metrics for a comprehensive analysis, such as cap rate, cash flow, cash-on-cash return, and more.

Neighborhood Analytics Page

Analytics in Mashvisor doesn’t only work on a single property basis. Users can also utilize the powerful analytics tool when it comes to the entire neighborhood.

The Neighborhood Analytics Page will guide you through information about different neighborhoods in the specific real estate market. Just like with individual properties, you’ll be able to assess the neighborhood’s stats such as optimal rental strategy, occupancy rate, average rental income, cap rate, median prices, and cash-on-cash return.

This particular tool is rather useful in terms of comparing different neighborhoods and analyzing potential rent. The available info is based on the performance of other properties in the same neighborhood.

Comps and Reports

Finally, Mashvisor makes it really simple to manage property comparisons in order to confidently find investment properties that match your budget and investment strategy. You can switch between property and neighborhood comps to get all the info and make the most lucrative investment decision for yourself.

To Conclude

Investing in short-term rentals can be a rather lucrative business that can also allow for consistent passive income. Of course, in order for the rental property to pay off, it’s crucial that it provides the best amenities for potential renters. The location of the vacation rental can also make a huge difference.

Based on Vacasa reviews and features, it’s clear that the platform can make things easier for homeowners. There are also plenty of satisfied renters who plan to continue using Vacasa. However, the significant benefit of Vacasa comes from managing the vacation rental property after it has already been listed online. While this kind of service is extremely useful, it’s not an ideal solution for potential real estate investors who are still looking to purchase a vacation rental.

Therefore, when investing in short-term rentals is concerned, we believe that Mashvisor is more than enough to meet all of your real estate demands. Not only is it possible to use Mashvisor for finding the ideal rental strategy, but the tools will also allow you to sift through filtered properties, look at the best markets on the Heatmap, calculate important metrics, and ultimately make the best investment decision.

If you’re interested in trying out Mashvisor, don’t hesitate to sign up for a 7-day free trial.

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