Any real estate investor knows one of the most important factors of investing is finding a deal. But where do you find the best real estate deal analyzer?

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  1. What Is a Real Estate Deal Analyzer?
  2. What to Look for in a Real Estate Deal Analyzer?
  3. The Top Real Estate Deal Analyzer in 2022
  4. What Tools Does Mashvisor Offer?
  5. Recap

In this article, we will look at the most important factors of a deal analyzer and where you can find the best one to guide your investing decisions.

What Is a Real Estate Deal Analyzer?

Essentially, a real estate deal analyzer is any tool that helps understand investing decisions. It can be for any aspect of investing in real estate, such as Airbnb properties, traditional rentals, and even fix and flips. Basically, if it helps determine how successful an investment can be, it can be considered a deal analyzer.

Though there are a variety of tools that can be considered deal analyzers, the most popular seen are comprehensive and niche tools. While both styles of tools help investment decisions, they have two different purposes.

A comprehensive real estate tool is meant for looking at the data and numbers relative to a real estate transaction. It includes all metrics that determine how profitable a property may be. A comprehensive deal analyzer is an excellent option for fine-tuning costs in any real estate investment.

The other kind of tool is a niche tool, which offers more specific information involved in finding a deal. So, rather than focusing on the numbers, a niche tool considers other factors within a deal, such as property value and zoning. Niche tools are great for ensuring you are not missing any small details in investing that could add on costs in the end.

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What to Look for in a Real Estate Deal Analyzer?

If we are talking in terms of comprehensive and niche real estate deal analyzers, there are different aspects to look out for in each tool. Though both have the overall goal of finding the best deals in investing, each has its own key features.

As mentioned before, comprehensive tool analyzers focus on the data in investing. It means you should look out for key metrics in real estate. For rental opportunities, keep an eye out for cap rate, cash on cash return, rental income, cash flow, and occupancy rate. They are the essential metrics for rental properties. Below are some additional important data factors to keep an eye out for when using a comprehensive tool:

  • Closing Costs
  • Property Taxes
  • Insurance
  • Property Management Fees
  • Current or Future Repair Fees
  • Homeowner Association Fees ( HOA)
  • Vacancy

When using a niche tool, it is important to look out for detailed information regarding the investment property. There should be plenty of information besides how much the property will cost. It can be crime levels in a neighborhood or surrounding flood zones.

Additionally, there are a number of aspects to look out for in a niche tool real estate deal analyzer. It can be the monthly rental rate and mortgage payments on the property. Any information that provides an overall big picture of a property should be included in a niche tool.

No matter the real estate deal analyzer tool you are using, all should be able to provide reliable and accurate information. If your real estate deal analyzer software is not from a trustworthy source, it is impossible to make a profitable deal. Always check your tools are backed by good information. Some popular real estate sites with reliable data are Airbnb, the MLS, and Zillow.

Keep in mind there can be additional trustworthy sites available with accurate real estate information. Just make sure to do your research before using any real estate deal analyzer app or free real estate deal analyzer.

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The Top Real Estate Deal Analyzer in 2022

Now that you know what to look out for when finding the best real estate deal analyzer for 2022, below we will look at the top option.


The overall top choice for your real estate deal analyzer this year is Mashvisor. Mashvisor has every tool needed in order to make the best real estate decisions for any type of investment property. Our variety of services helps every investor with all kinds of investment decisions.

As mentioned before, one of the most important aspects of a deal analyzer real estate software is having trustworthy information. Here at Mashvisor, we only use data from reliable sources such as Airbnb and the MLS. It is to ensure we provide the most up-to-date data to our users.

To keep up with the current trends, we filter our data through our unique algorithms. It means all of our real estate information will always be as accurate as it can be. It helps our users make the best deals for their investment properties.

Another aspect of our algorithms is we show our users the median data rather than the average. Any investor knows that a key aspect of investing is coming up with a strict budget. As our data shows the median, it eliminates any and all outliers that could skew the overall averages. A site that offers an average could greatly be impacted by massive outliers in an area, which could negatively impact your entire investment.

Mashvisor’s data is not only accurate but trustworthy too. It means our users can rely on us to help them find the best deals this year.

What Tools Does Mashvisor Offer?

Mashvisor offers almost every tool or service an investor could want in a quality real estate deal analyzer. We offer tools for every step along your investment journey.

Real Estate Heatmap

The first step of every real estate investment is finding an area for a property. It can be more difficult than you think. Though some cities may be well known, certain properties may actually not perform well there. An example can be a city that relies on tourism; therefore, a traditional rental property probably would be a bad choice.

Another important implication that could impact how a property could perform in a popular city is that the state might have regulations on short term rental properties. In some places, Airbnbs are not permitted. So, purchasing a house with the intention of using it as a vacation rental in a city that prohibits them would be a bad investment.

Our Real Estate Heatmap tool helps prevent such scenarios. The heatmap tool offers a complete neighborhood analysis to determine what locations are profitable and what types of properties do best there. It is great for exploring new cities for investment properties.

To determine how profitable an area is, the heatmap tool focuses on key real estate metrics. It considers areas with the highest rental income, occupancy rate, and cash on cash return. It is because they are key factors needed to achieve a thriving investment property.

Lastly, the heatmap offers an inside look into any US housing market you can think of. All the information above can be applied to any city or state so you can zero in on the most profitable market.

Real Estate Deal Analyzer Tool - Mashvisor's Real Estate Heatmap

Mashvisor’s Real Estate Heatmap tool allows investors to conduct a comprehensive neighborhood analysis to determine profitable locations and the types of properties that do best there.

Property Finder

After you’ve found a location that piques your interest, it is time to find a property. One way to do so is by searching through local newspapers or websites to try to find listings or by calling real estate agents in the area, hoping they have something available. Or, you can use our Property Finder tool.

The Property Finder helps save investors time and trouble using every resource available to find listings. We offer all of the available listings for your desired location, all within our tool. Additionally, we offer filters so you can input all of your information to only look at properties that fit your wants and needs. It is a quick deal analyzer real estate tool.

Below are some of the filters we offer to make your property search personalized and speedy:

  • Location ( you can search multiple cities at once)
  • Budget
  • Type of property
  • Rental strategy ( short term Airbnb or traditional)
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Number of bathrooms

The Property Finder tool can help find the best place to buy rental property.

Investment Property Calculator

After finding a potential property for your investment, you then need to determine if that specific building will generate a respectable return on investment. Though you think the area seems good and you’ve found a desirable property, it is essential to double-check before making a major decision.

To do so, use our Investment Property Calculator tool. Our rental property calculator is one of the best real estate deal analyzers. The tool helps determine how much profits their property has the potential to make. We only use up-to-date information to run our analysis. It ensures investors will have accurate data on their investment property.

Our real estate deal analyzer calculator eliminates the need for spreadsheets and conducts a comprehensive analysis all in one place. First, we show the users’ finances, predicted costs, and calculated returns. We offer predictive interest rates, property tax, and maintenance and repair fees, helping finetune your budget.

Then, we offer a comprehensive rental strategy comparison. The feature compares how your investment property will perform as an Airbnb vs a traditional rental. The goal is for users to see how each rental strategy will perform, so they can choose the one that will generate the most profit.

To determine which will produce the highest return on investment, we focus on the real estate metrics. Below are the best metrics to consider when choosing a rental strategy:

  • Cap rate
  • Cash on cash return
  • Rental income
  • Passive income
  • Cash flow
  • Occupancy rate

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Real Estate Agent Directory

Once you’ve found a property that you think will be a good investment, it’s time to purchase it and begin your investment journey. When buying any property, it is always a good idea to work with an agent. Sometimes, agents can be one of the best real estate deal analyzers. It is because they are the most familiar with their local markets and can get you the best deals.

As you are not always too familiar with the location of your investment property, we offer a Real Estate Agent Directory tool. The directory is good for finding an agent or broker in any area in the US.

With the tool, you can input the location you are in need of an agent, and our directory will show you the profiles of agents licensed in that area. Then, you can scroll through their profiles to find ones you think you would work well with. On their profiles, you can find contact information to reach out to them about working together. Below are some pieces of information available on the agents’ profiles:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Real estate website
  • Brief overview
  • Areas licensed in
  • Experience
  • Specialties
  • Active listings
  • Off-market properties


This article looked at the best real estate deal analyzer tool available in 2022. Overall, always remember to find a source with reliable and trustworthy data, which is a key factor of a good deal analyzer. Then, make sure the tools offered are both comprehensive and niche. It ensures every aspect of your real estate investment decision will be thoroughly covered.

Mashvisor offers the best available real estate deal analyzer tool in 2022. We are open as to where we get our data so our users know it is reliable and will help make their money in real estate. Additionally, our algorithm follows up-to-date trends to keep up with the housing market.

We also provide every tool an investor would need to find the best deals for investment properties. Our goal is to provide every service needed to make the best decisions in investing.

To start looking for and analyzing the best investment properties in your city and neighborhood of choice, sign up for a 7-day trial, followed by a 15% discount on your quarterly or annual subscription.

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