REIBlackbook – All-in-one CRM marketing automation: Free Trial LINK (

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This is the most popular CRM for Real Estate Investors. Using this CRM will allow you to put your leads on autopilot follow-ups without the need of using external applications.



MightyCall – Phone System DISCOUNT LINK ( )

This is the exact phone system that I use. It enables you to use both the webphone (on the computer) or the mobile app. You’re able to mask/protect your personal phone when speaking with Sellers and Buyers. This phone system allows you to record your phone calls so that you can get better with your process and begin to outsource to other reps and virtual assistants with confidence. Many people will try to convenience you to use “GoogleVoice” because it is a free platform for webphones. The negative with “GoogleVoice” is that it screens calls and that often scares sellers away. It tells them that you might not be a real person(or you’re someone hiding behind fake numbers) and that you’re too cheap to pay for a phone.



DealMachine – Automate Driving for Dollars  – DISCOUNT LINK ( )

This is one of the easiest ways to collect seller information and automate your marketing when driving for dollars. You can also sign your spouse, roommate, parent, child, business partner, or local uber driver up for a subaccount with you. As they drive in particular areas that are in your target market. The app will operate in the background and add the properties into a marketing list for you automatically. 


DealMachine also has the feature to automatically send postcards, and letters and create comparable (comps) reports for property analysis. 


You’re also able to download a chrome-application and “virtually” drive for dollars using google maps. If you’re on a budget you can use this functionality for a CRM as well.




OnCarrot – Website Lead/Marketing Funnel Online Seller/Buyer Leads ( )

OnCarrot aka Carrot is the best in the industry when it comes to website marketing lead pages. What this means is that these websites are customized to have optimation so that you will appear on various keyword search results in your desired markets. 



GetResponse – Email Marketing FREE sign up  (  )


GetResponse is one of my favorite platforms when it comes to email marketing. It makes the process to send emails to any list you create super simple. They have an amazing phone app that allows you to do email marketing anywhere in the world… including while you’re relaxing on a beach. You can also automate and plan out your email marketing campaigns years in advance.


Using GetResponse you can use funnels, websites, web forms, CRM, and email marketing. This is a great option if you are on a budget and still want to have access to some of the other functions of a professional CRM.



SignNow – eSign FREE sign up ( )


SignNow is one of the tools that you absolutely need. This allows you to send eSigns to Sellers, Buyers, Lenders, and Title Companies. The feature that I love the most is the ability to send the eSigns to someone’s phone as a text message. You also have the ability to redirect a signer to any website that you choose once they have completed their online signing. This is a great way to build your brand or send someone to your testimonial page. 



PropStream – Research more prospects, research comps and create lead lists (


You can use this as a platform to create a marketing list for sellers and buyers. To automate this you can tell the program to automatically add leads to a certain list once new leads are available. 


The app is very helpful to run comps on the fly and for driving for dollars.


You’re also able to send direct mailing campaigns too.




BatchLeads – Detailed SkipTracing DISCOUNT LINK  ( )

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BatchLeads is a newer system but a direct competitor of PropStream. Their data is just as good and also has the ability to create a CRM. Their Leads feature allows you to pay-as-you-go. 


You’re able to send direct mail and text messages.



BirdDogBot – ( )


List building with additional automation from classified leads and additional search engines.


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