Tips on Buying a Boston high rise condo

The general consensus these days is that Boston condo for sale is becoming too expensive for many real estate buyers. It’s true that home prices have continued to increase at a noticeable rate over the past couple of years. It’s also true that condos are now price accelerating is slowing down as of late.

If you’ve been considering buying Boston high-rise Seaport condo or Midtown condo , we want to remove some of the guess work for you. Here’s our list of several items you need to know about buying a condo in downtown Boston

Condos are a great way for first-time buyers to make their way into the market. They’re also a great option for those entering retirement who may face a decrease in income or want to downsize and focus on quality of life.

When we look back at 2021 for both Boston suburb single-family homes and Boston condos, we can see that while overall, it’s still a strong seller’s market, the opportunities for condo buyers is far different than that of Boston sub home buyers.

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Boston high-rise condo prices can sometimes be lower than Boston single-family homes—depending on various factors, of course—they also offer perks and amenities typically not found when purchasing Boston single-family homes.

The obvious perk is a low home maintenance lifestyle. Not only will you not have yard work to contend with, the Boston Condo Association takes care costly updates and repairs. You’re spared the time and stress  involved, and in the long run, you’re also spared the cost of big ticket items, which translates to long-term savings. Of course, you’ll make up for this in paying monthly Boston condo fees, but it can still help your financial stability to avoid major one-time repair costs.

When we took a look at pricing and sales trends from the most recent Boston Multi-Listings (MLS) report, we found evidence that condos have not increased in price at the same rate as single-family homes.


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