One of the most common questions in conscious creation is how often and how long we’re supposed to engage our manifesting exercises. Is once good enough, or should we repeat it, and if so, how many times and how long?

There isn’t one rule of thumb that fits every person for every manifestation.

But one way to know your answer is determined by how active your gremlins are on the subject. If you’ve got strong limiting beliefs, rampant doubts or noisy fears, that’s a sign you’ll benefit from more repetition (of your alignment process) for a longer period of time than someone who has no contrary thoughts.

(That’s why those fun little desires that are no big deal to us manifest so quickly. There’s nothing standing in their way!)

For the desires that feel bigger, my practice is to just line up with what I want once a day, most days (not even every day), and I do it in the morning. Later on if I notice a doubtful or otherwise contrary thought popping up later in the day, that’s my cue to line up again. (Meaning, I just turn attention away from what I don’t want and back onto what I do want.)

The more I do it, the less noisy the gremlins are, and the more momentum builds towards what I prefer.

If you don’t entertain a lot of contrary thoughts, you won’t need as much repetition and it won’t take as long to manifest.

Remember, the repeated alignment isn’t for Universe’s benefit; it’s for our own. It’s our way of becoming a vibrational match to our desire.

So however far away you are from that vibration now, and however quickly you can adopt the aligned vibe, that’s the answer to how long and how often to engage your manifesting exercises.

Some creators would answer the question by saying until it manifests. Don’t give up until it’s here.

But the truth is sometimes it’s worth repeating even after it manifests just to ensure it stays in our reality. (If you’ve ever had something good unravel shortly after it arrived, you know what I mean.)

The reliable answer is to pay attention to what feels best to you, because overdoing it to the point of efforting or making it hard work isn’t helpful.

Also, your alignment practice should be an enjoyable treat; not an item to cross off your to-do list.

If you find yourself asking, “How long do I have to keep this up?” that’s a sign you’re not doing yourself – or your manifesting process – any favors. It’s meant to be fun!

If you find it a pleasure to engage your practice, an uplifting exercise to enjoy, that’s a sign you’re on the right track.

If it’s not that, it’s worth rethinking. This blog offers lots of different methods and techniques to shift your vibration to match your desire, and you can always order the #3 with me if you’d like personalized help.

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