My Great Pyrenees was fabulous LOA inspiration after he came back from the trainer with a skill I have long sought to cultivate myself …

Samson was trained with an ecollar, where he gets a slight tingling sensation on his neck when the trainer wants to redirect his attention.

The way he learned this little tingle (I felt it myself, and it’s not accurate to call it a “shock,” but for purposes of this discussion, we’ll consider it contrast) …

The way he was introduced to this tingle was that immediately after he felt it he learned something good is about to happen. A treat of some sort is coming when he feels the tingle, so he looks back at the trainer to discover what that is. It’s when we’ve got his attention again that we can more effectively deliver a command he knows.

So that means every time he gets a tingle – we’ll call it a “hit” of contrast – he is immediately rewarded (with a food treat, verbal praise, or a loving scratch).

Which means (you see where I’m going with this, right?) Samson has learned to associate contrast with a reward.

That’s the exact same principle that serves conscious creators, too: to recognize that some unwanted thing happening means life is about to get better. And the sooner we turn our attention to the “better,” the sooner it manifests.

How is my Great Pyrenees is better at this than I am?!

His new skills are already inspiring mine, though, which is why I’m sharing it with you.

Here’s to spending less time in contrast and more time anticipating and enjoying the good stuff it brings.

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