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So, You Decided to Follow Jesus. Now What!?

Whether you or someone you know has decided to follow Jesus, the next steps of living out a radically different life can be overwhelming. “Read your Bible” is certainly wise advice given to new disciples. But not having some guidance on where to start or how to address a specific question can lead to frustration and extinguish the zeal of new faith.

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The Christian’s Guide to New Life

For more than 40 years, The Open Bible has helped millions of people, from new Christians to lifelong disciples, read the Bible in a comprehensive, practical way. Built as an unbiased yet comprehensive resource, The Open Bible contains a library of study aids in one book. Take, for example, one essential feature: “The Christian’s Guide to New Life.” This resource offers a doctrinal overview of the Scripture to help you read for yourself what the Bible says.

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“The Christian’s Guide to New Life” is organized in outline form into seven main areas of study:

  1. Knowing God’s Word
  2. Understanding God’s Being
  3. Understanding Other Spirit Beings
  4. Beginning the New Life
  5. Growing in the New Life
  6. Facing Problems in the New Life
  7. Recognizing God’s Institutions

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An Easy-to-Follow Chained Reference

Imagine you or someone new to the faith wanted to learn more about suffering—what it is, why Christians experience it, God’s role in it, etc. Not an easy theological topic to touch, right? So, where do you start?

You’ll remember that in “The Christian’s Guide to New Life” one of the seven major themes is Facing Problems in the New Life. “Suffering” is a subsection of that theme.

Click to enlarge this page sample of 1 Peter 3:17 in The Open Bible

To start your Bible study, you could follow the first reference that mentions different kinds of suffering. The Open Bible guides you to 1 Peter 3:17. Once there, you’ll find an article at the bottom of the page titled “Kinds of Suffering.” Here, The Open Bible classifies three basic kinds of suffering and provides further exposition and Scripture references to help fill out your study. At the end of the article, you’ll be guided to continue through the outline from the “Christian’s Guide” by going to Job 2:7 that details the purposes of suffering. Once more, the Job reference contains an article with additional references and a link to the next related article from the outline. And so on.

Click to enlarge this page sample of Job 2:7 in The Open Bible

The Open Bible Is Open to Anyone

Whether you’re a new Christian or guiding someone toward faith in Christ, The Open Bible provides an easy and simplified approach to studying God’s Word.

The Open Bible is available in the King James Version (KJV), New King James Version (NKJV), and New International Version (NIV)

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