Should I get a cell phone or not? That was a big question back when my new boss was pressuring me to get one but wasn’t offering to pay for it.

I’d resisted my boyfriend’s attempts to get me a phone because:

1) I didn’t want to be at anyone’s beck and call,
2) I didn’t want the expense and
3) I didn’t want it taking up space in a purse or pocket.

I also didn’t want to be one of those jerks always glued to their phone.

That’s a lot of “don’t want” focus. (Although in my defense, I was just discovering conscious creation at the time.)

But the boyfriend used the boss’s demand as an opportunity to get me mobilized once and for all, so with pressure from two fronts, I grudgingly began carrying a cell.

Eventually I did see the joy in using it for pictures and video, though, and every once in a while it was super handy to text someone from the road.

I managed to find the joy of a cell phone without succumbing to the downsides of it. I let it work for me in the ways that it did.

Okay. Fast forward to this morning …

I was wondering why dad hasn’t asked me about my booster shot status. He had texted twice about it as soon as I was eligible to get one, neither of which I replied to.

I wasn’t sure how to tell him I wasn’t a green light for that yet. And didn’t know if I ever would be.

So in my head I was having a conversation with him where I was trying to explain why I hadn’t gotten the booster yet, anticipating potential counter arguments, my response to those, what this might mean about my invitation status to their house, etc.

In the few minutes I’m having this conversation (with myself), I realized I was emphasizing the delicate nature of my immune system. I was activating defensiveness, resistance, and compromised health (as I was explaining that my already weakened immune system has been revved up twice this year and I don’t think the benefits outweigh the risks of a third go right now).

With a vibe like that, I may as well get the stupid booster if I’m going to be feeling those things anyway!

Because (as I learned from Abraham) it doesn’t matter what I do, it only matters how I feel.

I’m not just taking their word for it, either. From real life experience I know I can take all the “right” actions and get a terrible result, and do all the “wrong” things and get a fabulous result.

I’ve experienced it enough times to know the determining factor is my vibration, not my actions.

So it doesn’t even matter whether I get a booster or not; it only matters how I feel. Is it easier to feel good with a booster or without one? Because feeling good is the key.

It’s not the virus that dictates my health status – it’s my focus.

Before the booster (and the push to get it), I was nicely dialed on physical health. That’s one of the benefits I gleaned from Covid: new inspiration to focus on health and physical thriving – instead of getting swept away in attention to what I didn’t want.

But in the process of arguing (to myself) about why I haven’t gotten the booster, which activated unhelpful vibes, I’m no further ahead than if I’d just gotten the thing to start with.

And on the other hand, if I get a booster out of fear (from disease or non-compliance ramifications), that vaccine can’t help when I’m at cross-purposes with it.

All that was my cue to remember how this works

When I get aligned with what I want (which is happy, healthy living) and then trust my guidance to point me toward what serves that outcome – I’m home free. I’m a vibrational match to what I want and that’s what manifests.

Because the truth is I can’t know whether a booster is for me or not while I’m in resistance to it. My first job, as a savvy creator, is to get focused on what I want, not make decisions from a misaligned place.

Once I’m tuned to happy healthy living, if it sounds good and delightful to get a booster, I’ll do it. In the meantime, I do whatever else sounds good and delightful.

And if anyone believes my decision puts them or others at risk, I know they’re operating in the muggle system where one person’s well-being is in the hands of others. Because conscious creators know we each create our own reality, and that’s why tending our personal alignment is what makes the difference.

That’s the booster that makes the difference.

(And my dad knows that, so my gremlin arguments were unfounded.)

Okay, back to the cell phone question …

Most people didn’t/don’t have an opinion about whether or not I got a cell phone. No one cares – other than maybe one boss and a boyfriend. My cell phone status is unimportant.

The same with what I had for breakfast, or what I read before bed last night. No one cares. They trust me to know what’s best for me.

When it comes to certain topics, though – that trust is out the window. Because they’re trained to believe others can cause them harm through others’ decisions and actions.

“It’s proven science,” vaccine advocates say. “It’s simple human compassion,” racial justice activists argue.

They ridicule and dismiss those who believe that vibration is more potent than action.

That’s why it’s easier to come to better conclusions on a topic we don’t have a big charge on. For many, as soon as someone says “mandatory vaccinations” or “Trump” or “gun control” we automatically assume a position that may or may not be an aligned one.

If you find yourself caring a lot about what others are doing, thinking, or saying, it’s worth remembering what really matters: how you feel.

And our feelings are not dependent on other’s actions. (At least, mine aren’t. I sometimes have to remind myself that.)

As long as we condition our peace or satisfaction on someone else’s behavior, we’ve lost our power to consciously create what we prefer. Because they’re in charge of our vibration as long as we think our feelings and/or well-being depends on their actions.

That’s why I’m upgrading the conversations in my head. I’m imagining things better. I’m giving Universe better instructions about my health and my life. I’m practicing what it feels like to feel good. I’m remembering no one cares that much, and even if they do, my inner guidance is the only opinion that matters.

Now that’s my kind of booster. 🙂

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