Through December, you’ll find incredible deals on Logos resources—like TWO free books, a free audio Bible, and up to 60% on resources to build your digital library or gift for someone else (see everything in the Christmas Sale).

But for 12 days leading to Christmas, it’s an additional discount countdown! Here’s two ways to save.

Save 25% on Logos 9 packages

Logos 9 packages are the starting point for studying in Logos—and during the 12 Days of Christmas Sale, you can get 25% off—the best Logos 9 deal of the year! Add new books and features to your package with a Complete Upgrade, or just add new features with a Feature Upgrade. Whichever you choose, you’ll keep everything you already own.

With features like the Sermon Manager and Counseling Guide, Logos 9 has everything you need to do the work of ministry without the busywork. And because of Dynamic Pricing, you don’t pay twice for resources you already own in Logos.

Save on 12 more marked-down commentaries and other biblical resources

Yep, in addition to all the deals in our Christmas sale, for 12 days (today through December 31), we’re deeply discounting 12 more resources. Here’s just a few—see all 12 here.

Lexham Press 2021 Collection (51 vols.)

Get the entire catalog of resources from Lexham Press released in 2021—including new volumes in many of Lexham’s premiere series like the Evangelical Biblical Theology Commentary, Studies in Historical and Systematic Theology, and The Best of Christianity Today. See all resources included in this collection (including some volumes that haven’t been released yet!).

Collection value: $1,073.49
Regular price: 999.99
30% off
Sale price: $699.00

The Works of Saint Augustine: A Translation for the 21st Century (43 vols.)

Augustine’s writings are useful to anyone interested in patristics, Church history, theology, and Western civilization. Now, you can get the best modern translations available of Saint Augustine in this 43-volume set for 50% off—including various expositions, sermons, letters, and more.

Collection value: $1,691.58
Regular price: $1,349.99
50% off
Sale price: $674.99

The Preacher’s Outline and Sermon Bible (45 vols.)

The Preacher’s Outline & Sermon Bible (POSB) is a comprehensive resource for expository and topical preaching that includes 45 resources needed to prepare biblical, life-changing sermons and lessons. Each volume organizes key points of Scripture passages in a systematic outline form, along with content synthesized from 200+ Bible commentaries, language sources, and reference works with inspirational sermon points, practical life applications, and dozens of supporting Scripture passages in every section.

Collection value: $1,186.50
Regular price: $888.99
60% off
Sale price: $355.59

Theological Dictionary of the Old Testament and New Testament Bundle | TDOT/TDNT (27 vols.)

The Theological Dictionary of the Old Testament (TDOT) and Theological Dictionary of the New Testament (TDNT) have become the standard in biblical philological studies. Both are required for use at many seminaries worldwide and have become the definition of excellent theological-linguistic study in the academic world.

Regular price: 799.99
50% off
Sale price: $399.99


Shop all 12 deals of Christmas now.

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