Reonomy offers real estate data and market intelligence to its users. Is the information helpful though to all investors or just commercial ones?

The website sorts through all available commercial real estate data to provide investors with real estate analytics. Reonomy’s goal is to help users make smart decisions in the commercial real estate sector, but what about residential properties?

In this article, we will explore Reonomy and the different tools and services they offer their users. Afterward, we will look at a competitor to Reonomy to see the differences between the two sites. Lastly, an alternative that benefits residential investors will be proposed.

Table of Contents

  1. What Is Reonomy?
  2. How Does Reonomy Work?
  3. How Much Does Reonomy Cost?
  4. Reonomy vs Costar
  5. Should Investors Use Reonomy?
  6. What Is Mashvisor?
  7. Mashvisor vs Reonomy
  8. Recap

Read on to learn about Reonomy and how it can help real estate investors.

What Is Reonomy?

Before we can determine if Reonomy really helps real estate investors, we need to look at exactly what it is. Reonomy is a database platform that focuses on commercial real estate. The software takes in data from hundreds of different sources and uses it to create market intelligence for investors. The sources are data-crunched by artificial intelligence to generate information for investors.

You may be wondering where Reonomy gets all its data. The software sorts through several sources to gather public data, as well as multiple proprietary and crowdsourced information. The purpose of data-crunching from all of the sources is to provide anyone involved in the commercial real estate world with market intelligence.

In commercial real estate, investors, brokers, and developers are interested in information regarding buildings zoned for businesses and multi-dwelling units. Basically, people interested in commercial real estate want information on any buildings besides single-family, private, or multifamily homes.

How Does Reonomy Work?

Reonomy considers its website one big tool with multiple services users can access when looking for information about commercial real estate. The software was created to inform about both current data and predictive data to help users make investment decisions in the future.

Reonomy comes with two different main features users can choose from that determine what kind of commercial real estate data they are looking at: Web Application and Data Solutions.

Web Application

The first solution users can choose from on Reonomy is Web Application. Essentially, it helps teams and businesses involved in real estate learn more about commercial development activities. The web application solution is intended to help individuals or businesses recognize potential investment opportunities within the real estate world.

Web Application helps users look for available commercial properties anywhere in the US. It aims to help users search for and buy investment properties. Reonomy’s data holds over 50 million properties to explore. Additionally, it offers filters so users can view specific buildings that fit their wants and needs.

Data Solutions

If you choose Data Solutions on Reonomy, the software will attempt to customize your searches and overall experience on the website with what you or your business wants. Reonomy Data Solutions aims to help businesses to fine-tune their real estate data. The software cleans an organization’s data and then uses it to improve their experience while using the website.

Within Reonomy’s data solutions, the website will also try to show you different commercial real estate sales, debt history, or other relevant property data to provide users with a building’s potential.

Other Features

While the website offers two main functions to guide its users through how to invest in real estate, the site is also made to help all kinds of people involved in commercial real estate. Reonomy’s tools are also intended for agents, brokerages, and mortgages lenders as well.

Though Reonomy’s typical customer base comprises investors, agents, and lenders, the website also caters to users who are involved in commercial real estate at a more hands-on level. It would include architects and roofers. Architects would benefit from commercial market intelligence to understand how buildings were made and what could be improved. On the other hand, roofers would find the data helpful in fixing roofs on similarly structured buildings.

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How Much Does Reonomy Cost?

If you’re a commercial real estate investor looking into using Reonomy’s features, the company offers different price points to choose from. Reonomy pricing is based on what features you are using and how advanced you want the tools to work.

Reonomy does offer a free trial for one of its features, the Web Application tool. Additionally, users can request a demo of the other main feature, data solutions, before fully committing to the software.

If you know for sure you want to use Reonomy’s Web Application tool, accounts start at $49 per month. The Data Solutions package also costs $49 per month. The prices change based on how much you are using the service.

When setting up any sort of plan with Reonomy, you will likely speak with a representative to determine what features you will use and, therefore, how much your monthly payment will be. Technically, the prices are negotiable but will likely cost you at least $49 per month.

Note that the more services you want to access on Reonomy, the higher your monthly price.

Reonomy vs Costar

Costar Real Estate Manager is a competitor website to Reonomy. Costar offers commercial real estate data to help anyone involved in commercial real estate with smart investment decisions. Below are some tools and services they offer to their users:

  • Financial services such as lease accounting and management
  • Portfolio management services
  • Transactions
  • Projects
  • Construction

Though most investors and agents utilize Costar, other businesses such as restaurants, lenders, retailers, and corporate real estate organizations can benefit from using the platform.

When comparing Costar prices to the Reonomy cost, there’s not much to look at. To determine how much you would pay for Costar, you must set up a meeting with a representative to discuss prices. Similar to Reonomy, the prices fluctuate depending on the type and number of services you sign up for.

Should Investors Use Reonomy?

If you are an investor seeking help in commercial real estate, Reonomy could provide tools to help you in your real estate investment decisions. If you’re not yet ready to commit to such a large-scale investment, try investing in residential properties instead. Visit Mashvisor to access the best tools and services for residential real estate investing.

What Is Mashvisor?

Mashvisor is a real estate website that specializes in helping investors with all things related to the residential market. Commercial real estate can be very costly and complicated if you’re not experienced enough, but don’t let the lack of experience (or funds) stop you. Investing on a residential scale first may be exactly what you need.

We take data from sites like the MLS and Airbnb to ensure we provide our users with the most accurate and reliable information. Our algorithms sort through the data to offer you both current property information and predictive data for the future.

Mashvisor also offers tools that make real estate investing easier. We aim to guide you through difficult real estate investment decisions. Below are some of our most helpful tools:

Investment Property Calculator

While Reonomy looks into commercial real estate investing, we focus on the residential market. One of our most popular tools is the Investment Property Calculator. The service lets you determine how profitable your residential investment property can be.

Determining the profitability of your investment property can be tricky. Keeping track of spreadsheets and the constantly changing data might make it difficult for you to determine how much profit you can generate. Our Investment Property Calculator does it all for you.

The tool calculates your expected return based on the information, such as one-time startup costs and monthly expenses, you provide. Below are some of the metrics our tool provides:

  • Traditional and Airbnb Rental Income
  • Cash Flow
  • Cash on Cash Return
  • Cap Rate
  • Occupancy Rate

The tool also provides you with a comprehensive rental strategy comparison to ensure you are making the best decision on your investment.

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Reonomy - Mashvisor's Investment Property Calculator

Mashvisor’s Investment Property Calculator helps investors determine how profitable a residential property can be, based on several metrics such as rental income, cash flow, cash on cash return, cap rate, and occupancy rate.

Property Finder

If you’re struggling to find your perfect residential investment property, we offer our Property Finder tool. The tool allows you to search in any city in the US for a property that fits all of your wants and needs.

We offer filters to create a search that only shows you properties fitting your preferences. It helps save time scrolling through every available property in a given area. We also make sure to show properties that offer an excellent return on investment, as cash flow properties are what will make you money in real estate.

Below are some of the filters provided to limit your property search:

  • Rental Strategy
  • Location
  • Budget
  • Type of Property
  • Number of Bedrooms
  • Number of Bathrooms

Real Estate Heatmap

Locating the perfect area for your residential investment property might get difficult. You might not know how profitable a certain area is or where even to start looking. It is why we created our Real Estate Heatmap.

The heatmap tool allows you to look through up-and-coming neighborhoods that will offer you an excellent rate on return for your investment property. The tool lets you run neighborhood analysis to locate a neighborhood that fits your preferences.

We rely on data to determine how profitable a neighborhood is. We focus on metrics such as cash on cash return, cap rate, and Airbnb occupancy rate to ensure we show our investors good locations to invest in.

Reonomy - Mashvisor's Real Estate Heatmap

With Mashvisor’s Real Estate Heatmap tool, users can perform a neighborhood analysis and find the best property for their investing needs.

Real Estate Agent Directory

Once you’ve found an investment property you are interested in, visit Mashvisor’s Real Estate Agent Directory tool to find an agent to work with throughout your transaction.

It is always recommended to work with a local agent when negotiating to buy a property. Even if you think you know everything there is to know about real estate and investing, agents can always offer extra knowledge about their local area or property they may be familiar with.

Our agent directory tool allows you to search through the profiles of thousands of agents in any area in the US. You can read through agents’ bios to determine who you think will be a good one for your specific needs. We’ve listed below several agent details offered through our tool:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Overview
  • Years worked as an agent
  • Real estate licenses
  • Areas served

We offer the details above to ensure every investor can find an agent to work with. It is essential to work with a real estate agent throughout your investment to ensure you get the best deal on your property. It will contribute to your profits in the end.

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Mashvisor vs Reonomy

While Reonomy is a platform that focuses on commercial real estate, Mashvisor provides data on residential property investments. A commercial investment property is a big commitment that takes a lot of experience. While Reonomy may offer tools for commercial investors, that scale of an investment property isn’t for everyone.

Mashvisor focuses on providing accurate and reliable real estate data for residential investors. There are alternatives to investing in commercial properties in order to make money in real estate. Our tools and services were created to ensure any investor, whether a beginner or a seasoned one, will generate a positive cash flow from their residential income property.


Reonomy offers services such as Web Application and Data Solutions for commercial real estate investors. However, such services won’t be of much help to a residential investor. If you are looking for data and tools for the residential real estate market, visit Mashvisor for the most up-to-date market information.

Our data is continuously updated to ensure our tools and services are accurate for our users. We want you to make the best real estate investment decisions that will help you generate a profit.

To get access to our real estate investment tools, click here to sign up for a 7-day free trial of Mashvisor today, followed by 15% off for life.

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