What if we thought of the year in terms of dominant vibration, rather than goals, desires or resolutions?

What if instead of asking what we wanted to accomplish/manifest this year, we asked what we wanted to feel? On a dominant basis?

What if we asked ourselves what our most common vibration has been in years past? (Does anyone else find lots of room for improvement on the dominant vibes of 2021 or 2020)? 😉

What if we used our awareness of last year’s dominant vibe as a springboard to even better in 2022?

What if the best way to make the most of the new year wasn’t to focus on what we wanted to create, or what we wanted to do, or even who we wanted to be – but rather how we wanted to feel?

What would you pick?

And then, how would you use your LOA smarts to go about creating that dominant vibration?

Maybe by purposely finding ways to feel that way now?

What would your favorite vibration be for 2022?

Maybe we could list of our top three favorite vibes (because more than one might be more fun), and keep that list handy as a grounding point for a fab new year?

Sounds like an LOA savvy set up to me. 🙂

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