navexa review

Navexa is a tool to help you measure and track your investment portfolio. It’s important to do this so you can see how your portfolio is performing over time. 

Tracking your portfolio’s performance if you’re based in the U.S. is not too difficult—there are dozens of free portfolio analysis tools available. 

However, if you’re an Australian looking for a portfolio tracking tool that reviews stocks, cryptos, and funds, Navexa could be a good option for you. See our Navexa review to understand features, pricing, and how it compares to similar tools out there. 

navexa review
  • Portfolio analysis app for Australian investors
  • Tracks crypto and stock performance in the same app
  • Differentiates between capital gains, dividends, and portfolio contributions
  • Pay to automatically connect brokerages

Track crypto, stocks, ETFs, and managed portfolios

With the free version, you have 14 days to their Plus features

What Is Navexa?

Founded in 2017, Navexa is a portfolio tracking tool designed for Australian investors that tracks stocks, managed funds, and crypto performance. Navexa has a free offering that requires some manual intervention. But investors can pay extra to automatically integrate with brokerages and get tax reporting, among other features.

While the tool is designed for Australians, U.S.-based investors can still use it. However, they won’t be able to use the automatic brokerage integration feature, which is one of the best things about the app.

What Does It Offer?

Navexa helps you track your portfolio’s performance, so you can make better investment decisions. With multiple payment tiers, you are likely to find an option that suits your tracking needs.

Free Portfolio Analysis For Australians

Navexa provides “annualized” insights into your portfolio’s performance. The analysis includes factors like currency fluctuations, dividend reinvestment, and trading and management fees.

While the app has paid tiers, the free tier gives basic reports to make data-driven changes to your investment portfolios.

navexa review: track your portfolio

Track Crypto and Stock Performance In One App

Navexa connects to Australia’s leading stop brokerages and the big-name crypto exchanges. These integrations allow you to track your cash, crypto, and stock investments in a single place.

The ability to track alternatives (like crypto) with stocks makes your overall portfolio analysis much easier.

Pay To Connect To Brokerages

Anybody can upload investment documents to Navexa to get a snapshot of their portfolio’s performance. The free version includes unlimited holdings for stock and crypto, performance tracking, dividend tracking, and currency gain tracking. To connect Navexa to your brokerage company, you have to upgrade and pay a subscription fee.

  • The Standard tier ($12 per month) allows you to connect up to three brokerages. 
  • The Plus plan ($15 per month) gives you unlimited brokerage connections.

Compare Your Returns To Benchmarks

Navexa’s Standard package includes unique benchmark charts. This chart allows you to compare your portfolio’s performance to a related benchmark like the S&P 500.

Few of Navexa’s competitors offer this particular view, but it is one of the most valuable views for long-term investors. 

Anchoring your portfolio investment to a real benchmark (especially an index) can help you decide whether you really prefer stock and crypto investing, or if index fund investing makes more sense for you.

navexa review: portfolio performance benchmarks

Are There Any Fees?

Navexa has a free option, but its best features are reserved for paying customers. The Standard pricing package costs $12 per month (in the United States) includes three brokerage connections and comes with a unique benchmarking report, tax efficiency reports, and other reporting features.

For $14 per month, you’ll get unlimited brokerage connections, contribution tracking, and priority customer support. Fees vary depending on your current geographic residency.

Automated Broker Integrations

How Does Navexa Compare?

Investors based in the United States have a wealth of portfolio tracking and analysis options. Navex is fairly similar to Kubera which is also a tool that measures portfolio performance for crypto and stock investments. 

Navexa has a permanently free option, but Kubera has a fourteen-day free trial. That said, Navexa’s free option is somewhat clunky, especially for people who make many trades. It requires uploading documents to your brokerage to manually refresh. Plus, it doesn’t come with all the cool reports. For a robust, free option, Personal Capital is a better choice.

See The College Investor’s Best Portfolio Analysis Tools

If you want to compare more tools to help track your investments and budget, start here. Read our reviews and top recommendations for tools to track and analyze your investments.  

If you’re an Australian investor, compare Navexa to Sharesight, which has similar functionality to Navexa but focuses more on stock investments. 

How Do I Open An Account?

You can open an account by selecting the “Get started for free” button in the upper hand corner of Navexa’s website. The button takes you to a four-line application. After providing your name, an email address, a password, and a tax jurisdiction you’ll have access to the account.

By default, you’ll have access to the Plus option for 14 days. This option allows you to automatically connect to brokerages and have visibility to Navexa’s full suite of insights. After 14 days, you have to pay to retain the Plus features.

Is It Safe And Secure?

Navexa uses SSL Encryption which makes it difficult for bad actors to intercept data from your browser. Navexa also encrypts your data at rest which keeps it safer.

Navexa hasn’t been subjected to a data breach, and it only has read access to your investment accounts which prevents theft. That said, no website or app is 100% secure, and you must make your assessment about how many sites you want to use in addition to your brokerages and banks.

How Do I Contact Navexa? 

Navexa has an online contact form, or you can reach out via email at [email protected] Navexa is headquartered in Australia, but it doesn’t publish its headquarters address. It also doesn’t publish a customer service phone number.

Is It Worth It?

At this time, we don’t recommend Navexa for U.S.-based investors because you can’t connect to the major brokerages such as Schwab, Fidelity, and others. While the free version of the app is okay, we recommend other tools that offer better functionality. Manually uploading performance documents is also a real pain.

Australian investors who need the stock plus crypto view may decide that a Standard or Plus version of Navexa is worth the price. 

Before you buy, maximize the 14-day trial and use this time to find out as much as you can about Navexa. This will help you decide whether you want the paid version or not, based on the value you gain from Navexa’s insights. 

If you don’t invest in crypto and stocks, you may be better off sticking to your brokerage firm’s investment platforms. They aren’t perfect, but they are free and usable.

Navexa Features

  • Free
  • Standard: $12 a month
  • Plus: $15 a month
  • Cryptocurrency
  • ASX
  • NYSE
  • ANZ Share Investing
  • Bendigo Invest Direct
  • CMC Markets
  • CoinSpot
  • CommSec
  • NAB Trade
  • SelfWealth
  • SuperHero
  • Westpac Share Trading

Customer Service Email Address

Web/Desktop Account Access

With the free version, you have 14 days to their Plus features

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