When looking for online real estate platforms to help you in your investing journey, make sure to read about different Mashvisor reviews.

Table of Contents

  1. Technology in Real Estate
  2. What is Mashvisor?
  3. Mashvisor’s Features: How It Can Help Investors
  4. What Do Investors Think of Mashvisor?
  5. AirDNA vs Mashvisor
  6. Conclusion

Without tech advancements in real estate, sellers, buyers, and real estate agents wouldn’t be able to perform their research as efficiently. The truth is that new technology used in real estate is shaping the industry. Specifically, we’re talking about the way people navigate through the process of buying and selling property.

Mashvisor is an advanced AI-based platform designed for real estate professionals (and beginners) to provide them with data analytics power. They are essential factors when it comes to assessing property value, driving investment decisions, and finding ideal buyers.

Word of mouth and expert reviews are probably the best source of truth, which is particularly important when choosing the best real estate tech. So, what do Mashvisor reviews say? Do real estate investors find the platform useful and how? Let’s find out together in this article.

Technology in Real Estate

At first, the adoption of new technology was much slower in real estate than in other industries. Many real estate agents often kept managing their decisions and properties the way they always did, even as new solutions started transforming the world around them.

It took some time before the industry accepted the necessity of moving to digital. With more businesses recognizing the immense value technology brings to their portfolios, they’re beginning to change their ways. Realtors can leverage technology to make data-informed and faster decisions, but the real estate industry is one of the few remaining industries that has built wealth with little or no technology interest or know-how.

Even if you (as an investor or real estate business) think that you are doing good, is it still smart to try to give technology a chance? Of course, it is, and Mashvisor is the proof. Just check the Mashvisor reviews.

What is Mashvisor?

Mashvisor is a robust AI-based analytics platform created to help real estate agents, investors, and property managers to find lucrative investment properties in a matter of minutes. Also, they can use it to analyze and calculate the return on investment potential on the properties they’re interested in.

Our platform is equipped with various features (such as Real Estate Heatmap, Property Marketplace, and Property Calculator) that simplify performance and profitability analysis. Need an investment property finder that also allows you to find out whether listing a property traditionally or on Airbnb is more profitable? Do you want a tool to calculate all property-associated costs and compare them to other properties found on traditional and Airbnb listings? You can do it all with Mashvisor.

Mashvisor reviews will also tell you that it’s possible to use the platform to find off market properties and contact property owners directly via the platform.

Mashvisor’s analytics is predictive. It means its investment property analysis tool will project future outcomes and trends based on comparative and historical data. One of Mashvisor’s advantages to other platforms is the fact it doesn’t focus on providing only Airbnb or traditional analytics. It covers both and users can get all the essential data analytics, find properties that meet their specific criteria and build and compare rental strategies to find the most optimal one.

The data Mashvisor pulls is always up-to-date and accurate. It pulls it from multiple sources, compares it to ensure its accuracy, and organizes it properly. Real estate investors then get an easier time when it comes to crunching those numbers quickly. Mashvisor saves valuable time but also gives confidence in investing, helping you meet your goals.

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Mashvisor’s Features: How It Can Help Investors

All Mashvisor’s features are designed to support each other. Being so complementary, each of these is a solution for all phases of real estate investing. The features include:

  • Property Finder
  • Property Comparison
  • Heatmap
  • Neighborhood Analysis
  • Property Calculator
  • Off-Market Properties
  • Lead Qualification Tool

Real Estate Heatmap

Mashvisor’s Real Estate Heatmap is one of the most useful and best unkept secrets of our platform that’s always mentioned first in all Mashvisor reviews. It’s most valuable for supporting your initial investment property search and actually quite simple. The Heatmap feature is nothing but a map of the city or neighborhood you’ve selected, with available properties shown as pins. You can switch between traditional, Airbnb, and investment properties and the map will adjust accordingly.

The Heatmap is color-coded, indicating which housing markets are hot and which are cold. It displays metrics such as:

  • Listing value
  • Monthly traditional and Airbnb rental income
  • Traditional and Airbnb cash on cash return
  • Traditional and Airbnb cap rate
  • Price to rent ratio
  • Number of listings for sale
  • Median property price
  • Average price per square foot
  • Days on market
  • Walk score

Search Filters

Mashvisor’s Property Finder allows you to filter properties on your display differently, according to your specific criteria. Besides the financial criteria we mentioned in the previous section, you can also filter properties by the built year, number of bathrooms and bedrooms, property type, property status, etc.

Online Mashvisor reviews point out its advanced filtering that allows you to narrow down your choice when searching for the right property for your needs. It saves a great deal of time you would otherwise spend digging manually through thousands of properties.

To learn more about how we will help you make faster and smarter real estate investment decisions, click here.

Request Custom Data

Mashvisor users can choose what type of investing they are looking at and request data specifically for this purpose. As an investor, you can select individual or institutional investing options. Then, just request Mashvisor to get back at you with more detailed information.

Property Analytics

You’ve discovered a few ideal properties to invest in using our Heatmap tool. What’s the next step? Well, you should analyze all those properties for their ROI potential. Your search now becomes simpler. Just zoom in on the map and start clicking on your properties to get the details.

Investment property analysis is key to making smart investments and one of the most important aspects is using the right investment property calculator. Instead of doing it manually by gathering real estate comps, filling out spreadsheets, and making long calculations, you can get all that data in a few minutes. Our rental property calculator does all the work to provide the information such as:

  • Rental comps
  • Rental occupancy rate
  • Estimated expenses
  • Cap rate
  • Cash flow
  • Cash on cash return
  • Long-term return on investment forecast
  • Projected rental income

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Rental Strategy/Rental Comps and Insights

The Rental Strategy Tab shows the viability and worth of a house as an income-generating property. Mashvisor will show you which rental technique works best for that specific Airbnb rental. Also, it breaks down the price of purchasing the home into recurring bills and one-time startup costs. Want to know everything that the financial side involves? It is a surefire way to do it.

As for the Rental Comps and Insights Tab, it comes in handy for investors who plan to start a rental business (traditional or Airbnb). The tab shows information related to rental comps along with information needed to find the smartest funding solutions. Find out more about comparable rental properties, recent sales of similar properties, and see the insights displayed in easy-to-read graphs.

Mashvisor Reviews - Rental Comps and Insights

Mashvisor’s Rental Comps and Insights feature helps investors who plan to start a rental business (traditional or Airbnb). It shows data related to rental comps, along with information about comparable rental properties, recent sales of similar properties, etc.

What Do Investors Think of Mashvisor?

Investors find that Mashvisor brings a plethora of benefits to the table, helping them go digital and perform their work faster without the risk of making errors in calculations.

First of all, Mashvisor reviews and opinions say that the platform is an outstanding time-saver. No manual work, no sifting through hundreds of listings, and no wasting energy. You can do it all in 15 minutes, while in the past, it took months to perform the same amount of work. It also proved to be useful to real estate agents during the pandemic. When everyone was under lockdown, the housing market exploded, and both seasoned and individual investors could search for properties to buy or sell from their home.

Next, Mashvisor is also a tool for finding off market properties. Want to strike a better deal by finding a non-listed house? You get access to off market properties by getting property owner data whom you can reach out to via the platform. Mashvisor helps investors navigate the entire process of qualifying and engaging leads in place. As a real estate buyer, you can easily engage your leads in no time.

Accurate information is another key aspect for which investors prefer to use Mashvisor. The platform pulls data from various sources and then uploads it back again to double-check. You can rest assured that the data is credible, reliable, and up-to-date. Mashvisor gets its data from Airbnb, Zillow, MLS, Redfin, and more.

Investing is not a small thing and nobody wants to make a mistake, because mistakes can be costly in the real estate business. Mashvisor helps discover the potential income of all rental properties in the area of your choice. Such information is worth gold for making the best possible decisions as well as defining your rental strategy.

There’s Still Room for Improvement

We don’t want to say that Mashvisor is the perfect real estate investor’s platform, but it’s definitely heading there. Users agree that there is still room for improvement, and our team’s been continuously improving our tools and data.

They’ve been carefully tracking every Mashvisor review out there, using the customer reviews Mashvisor as guidelines. We pay attention to anything from professional opinions to Mashvisor reviews Reddit users write.

Some users on Mashvisor reviews say that they don’t like how the data is updated only monthly and not in real-time and that it covers only the US market. Also, users believe the Insights tab needs to be improved so they can see what data is represented by the numbers.

But in the end, Mashvisor puts a new iteration of the platform every few months, and our team is actively working on improvements.

AirDNA vs Mashvisor

AirDNA is another real estate analysis tool on the market, but unlike Mashvisor, AirDNA is focused exclusively on the vacation rental industry. The platform offers interactive dashboards, custom reporting, and competitive insights for vacation rentals, covering more than 10 million rentals worldwide. Investors can use it to analyze and understand trends in the short term rental sector, thanks to future-looking and historical data.

However, AirDNA doesn’t offer the same features as Mashvisor. It provides one tool, the AirDNA Rentalizer, which is used for short term rental analysis. But in order to access its rental analysis, you are required to enter an address. If you’re a novice and not sure what you’re looking for, the tool may fall short of your requirements.

Platform Comparison

Trying to find an investment property analysis tool most suitable to your needs? There are many AirDNA vs Mashvisor reviews online, and we decided to make a short overview to help you out.

Rental Comps

Being able to compare rental properties in the same neighborhood or city is an essential part of every real estate property analysis. It gives investors a solid indication of how their vacation rental will perform by comparing the performance of similar properties. According to Investopedia, the neighborhood in which your rental is located determined your vacancy rate and the type of tenants you’ll attract.

According to AirDNA and Mashvisor reviews, both platforms offer comparison lists for properties, but Mashvisor’s list is longer and more comprehensive. Users can download the list of comparable listings, analyze the data, and conduct more detailed analyses on the platform.

Mortgage Calculator

The financial calculator comparison in the Mashvisor vs AirDNA review shows that they are not the same. AirDNA’s calculator doesn’t offer a mortgage calculator, while Mashvisor’s does. It can be a crucial difference for a real estate investor.

Mashvisor’s rental property calculator helps you conduct a more detailed analysis because it takes your financing method into account. Your ROI always depends on how you pay for your income property.

Furthermore, the AirDNA Rentalizer doesn’t provide estimates for the cash on cash return. Cash on cash return is a metric important for projecting the RIO you can expect on the money spent on buying the property and listing it as a rental.

Short Term Rental Data Analytics

The way data is collected, organized, and analyzed is critical for the platform and what it can deliver. If the data is bad, then all the AI capabilities in the world cannot help you. Both Mashvisor and AirDNA obtain their data from Airbnb platform, but Mashvisor comes with a multitude of other additional sources.

The platforms use different sources to obtain the average data values. Mashvisor uses the medians, while AirDNA uses mean values. Mashvisor employs a more reliable, accurate, and robust approach because it doesn’t include outliers that often skew the analysis. Also, Mashvisor only obtains data from Airbnb properties with three or more reviews.

Professionals can even leverage the Mashvisor API that can provide valuable data that can prevent making poor investment decisions, thanks to its statistical inference algorithms.

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Real estate investors always need to deal with the seemingly unending task of property search. As a result, they need a helping hand and expertise. Manual information gathering, evaluation, and analysis can take months and require much energy and money investments. But once you realize all that property information needs to be repeated periodically, relying on the right analytics technology makes sense.

Which platform is best for you? You’re free to check all the AirDNA, Zillow, and Mashvisor reviews you can find online. But once you balance out the features you get with the pricing ($17.99 for Lite and $74.99 for Professional package), Mashvisor definitely leads the way.

To start using our real estate investment tools, click here to sign up for a 7-day free trial today, followed by a 15% discount for life.

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