A fellow creator recently asked how to return to health after experiencing long haul covid symptoms.

She shared that she’s already expecting to recover sooner than later, and makes a point of finding enjoyment where possible. But she wondered what else can she do to manifest a healing?

My first tip is to release any lingering resistance to the experience of illness.

That can be easier said than done, which I well know from personal experience. I wanted to heal from adrenal fatigue faster than the “experts” said it would take. The more I resisted experiencing it, the more I wanted it to be over with, the longer it continued.

Realizing that helped inspire me to make peace, which lessened resistance, and facilitated healing.

I also suggested making a point of receiving the gifts this experience brings, because they are there. Being able to receive the gifts (by its very nature) guarantees our resistance is diminished.

For example, years ago I gained weight that I couldn’t reverse no matter what I tried. Once I realized my resistance to weight kept it locked in place, I finally tried a different way. I tried loving it instead of criticizing or judging it. That’s when I learned a level of self-love that I had not felt before.

The whole time I was trying to “fix” it I was treating my body like something was wrong that needed correcting asap. The more she gained, the more I criticized/despised, the more desperate I got – and that’s not what love feels like.

Love is unconditional by definition. If it’s conditional, it’s not love.

So I practiced loving this body as is. Not imagining she was better. Not pretending I was already there. I practiced loving her as she was.

That took a minute, but once I improved that routine, the weight just disappeared. One day I realized I had abs again and my thighs had more clearance. It was kind of crazy!

But that wasn’t the best part. The best part was learning unconditional love for my physical body. That was a tremendous gift that only stubborn weight taught me.

I know how offensive it can sound to someone who is struggling with something (let alone physical illness) to say, “Look for the gifts,” which is why I wouldn’t share that with just anyone. Savvy creators who understand the role of vibration in our manifested reality can hear that better than others.

How to know/receive the gift?

  • You can ask your body: what do you have for me? (Or ask the virus!)
  • You can entertain the question yourself: What good thing is coming from this?
  • Ask your higher power (angels, guides, etc.), “What do you want me to have out of this?”
  • You can journal or meditate on it.
  • Set an intention for clarity to see or understand any gifts that may be presenting themselves.
  • Identify payoffs or counter-intentions by asking, “What does this allow me to do or keep me from having to do?”

I personally recognized several gifts and payoffs from living through a global pandemic, but it’s different for each of us. Only you can know what your answers are, and what to make of your experience.

So my short answer to the question about what else one could do to manifest a healing is this:

  1. Allow. Accept. Embrace. Ask yourself, What’s right about this? Really truly make peace with it, and if you can maybe even get to some appreciation that’s even better.
  2. Expect healing, but don’t need it.
  3. Keep enjoying what you can, knowing your feelings are not dependent on circumstances, and then prove it. That can’t be lip service. When you really truly get to feeling better despite what your current physical status is, that’s a vibrational shift that registers with Universe (and has to be answered).
  4. Drop resistance and say yes to it instead. Look for the gifts!

For those who are interested in a deep dive on manifesting physical body change (whether reversal of illness/injury, weight adjustments, optimal aging, or just general health and well-being), we’re starting a brand new course at Good Vibe University next week called Body Alchemy. It’s exclusively for GVU members, which you can become if you aren’t already by joining here.

Above all what I’d love us each to remember is that we are 100% capable of manifesting whatever we want when we work with the principles of the system rather than against them.

Listen at the podcast.

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