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Question: “Manifesting is easier now than when I first started, but I still can’t manifest dreams I really want. The other day at lunch I was thinking about how much I wanted an apple. That was my one and only thought about apples. That night a friend brought me a huge box of apples from her tree. I didn’t even tell her I wanted an apple earlier. But with everything else, I’m still waiting. Why can I manifest the little things, but not the bigger ones?” – Amanda

Answer: That is a very good question Amanda! At some point, everyone wonders how to manifest dreams that are really big. It seems like the things we really want take forever, while the things we don’t really care about appear almost immediately.

Why Don’t Big Dreams Manifest?

The reason is simple and can be boiled down to one word: detachment.

The little dreams manifest so quickly because you don’t care if they happen or not.

It isn’t that they are any easier for the Universe to bring to you – it can manifest dreams of any size. It’s that if they don’t happen, you’re okay with it…

Because you don’t care if you get a certain book or an apple, they come to you as if by magic. You think, “Boy, wouldn’t it be nice to have an apple.” And then you forget about it. You forget that you had that thought altogether. And before you know it, you’re given an apple: a friend might bring you a box of apples, your grocery store might have a sell on apples, you might even see stationary with apples on it everywhere you go…

But that new house, or car, or job…you’re still waiting for it. You have asked for it and dreamed about it. You can imagine yourself in it, but it still hasn’t manifested. You keep looking, hoping, and waiting for it. It seems like it’s taking forever to manifest. You just can’t manifest dreams you want.

But isn’t that you can’t manifest dreams that are big or really important to you…

…your ability to manifest dreams is exactly the same regardless of their size. And both the big dreams and little dreams can appear in your life instantly.

You just have to get out of your own way.

You have to stop believing that one dream is different from the other.

There is no difference between receiving an apple or a car. You just think there’s a difference.

The big dreams are the ones that are really important to you. The little dreams are not. You know you can find an apple easily – they are available in stores everywhere and your friends have so many they are giving them away.

But you think it is hard to manifest a car. Yet they are all around you too. Think of all of the car dealerships near you, the number of cars in your neighborhood, the number of cars you see on TV…

It is just as easy to come across a car as an apple. Maybe even easier…

It is easy to manifest dreams unless you are afraid or worried that you won’t get them.

The way to overcome this fear and anxiety is through detachment.

What is Detachment?

Detachment is about being okay with things continuing as they are. It’s about making peace with what is, with yourself, with what you want, and with never getting what you want. When you can be okay with never having your dreams manifest, you will be detached.

Detachment doesn’t mean resigning yourself to not having what you want. It isn’t about giving up. It’s about accepting what is. Accepting your life and situation as it is now and being okay with it…

…but still being willing to allow yourself to have what you want…

…still allowing yourself to experience that feeling of hope that it will occur.

When you are detached, you will manifest dreams you can be proud of.

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