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Despite what the world believes, prayer does cause radical change. Prayer can transform a person, a community, even a nation.

Even though most Christians believe this wholeheartedly, it’s still sometimes difficult to put the Bible’s constant reminders to pray without ceasing into practice. And when we do, do we sometimes wonder if our prayers are effective? When you pray, do you pray with the expectation that God will hear your requests and concerns, or has prayer become a rote practice; a routine you go through with no real hope that anything will come of it?

If you worry that your prayer life has fallen into a slump—if you need to be reminded (as we all do) of prayer’s power, Bible Gateway is bringing back The Daniel Prayer free email devotional! This five-day inspirational journey looks to the biblical example set by Daniel, a man whose prayer radically transformed an entire nation. You’ll learn how to pray like Daniel did: with confidence and hope. Sign up today!

The Daniel Prayer email devotional is drawn from Anne Graham Lotz’ book The Daniel Prayer: Prayer That Moves Heaven and Changes Nations.

There’s no better way to prepare your heart for Easter than to commit to take prayer more seriously. The Daniel Prayer will help you do that in just five short devotional reflections over five days. Sign up today and tell your friends and followers!

Get biblically wise and spiritually fit. Become a member of Bible Gateway Plus. Try it free right now!

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