When you are a real estate agent in Boston, you have unlimited growth and income potential. Due to the waning effects of the pandemic coupled with hyper-inflation, people across all industries are considering new professional opportunities. Many people are taking a closer look at a rewarding and diverse career in real estate. If you’re considering breaking into the real estate industry, you will, of course, need to obtain your license. Do not be alarmed or frightened at passing the real estate exam in Massachusetts, as many people pass it on the first try with just a few nights of studying. You also probably know a lot more about real estate than you think you do. You may also have a lot of previous “real life” job skills that are readily transferrable, and translate into quick success. Over time we have come to realize that many of our most successful agents came from other industries not related to real estate in the least.

Evaluating your current skill set beyond your immediate job description is a must. You will need to market yourself not just to future clients, but to your future brokerage. It’s your first test on the path to becoming a real estate agent! Can you call and connect with people? Are you a good listener? Can you multi- task and manage your time well? All of these will help you become a successful real estate agent.

So, lets look at some (but not all) of the jobs that give you transferable skills to be a real estate agent in Boston?

Bartender in Boston


Bartenders typically make great real estate agents because they are experienced in delivering excellent customer service. Using your people skills is a huge plus for any successful real estate agent in Boston must possess. Challenges will inevitably arise in both rental and sales transactions.

Bartending and real estate are similar in that they usually require people to work odd hours to maximize their income. However, real estate is a much more independent career path. You can put together deals…

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