To keep the American experiment vital and vibrant, we need buy-in from folks who are getting overlooked in the current market. Broker owner Troy Palmquist offers insight into ways to make the dream more attainable.

As real estate professionals, we love to talk about “the American dream of homeownership.” We use it as a kind of shorthand for all of the ideas that go along with having a little piece of ground that belongs entirely to you. It speaks to the rugged individualism, financial goal-setting and freedom that are all part of the American character. 

Depending on where you fall on the gender, economic, cultural, educational and other spectrums, however, the American dream of homeownership can sound remarkably hollow. As people work longer hours for money that doesn’t go very far and home prices soar along with interest rates, it can feel impractical if not impossible to conceive of a future that includes property ownership.

I think this year, a lot of us realize in a whole new way that the American dream goes beyond homeownership. It’s about autonomy. It’s about somebody being able to make their own decisions, whether it’s about buying a house or about their own body.

As Realtors, it’s up to us to do more than talk the talk. We need to walk the walk and help others do so as well. This is not about handouts. It’s about putting hands and feet to the things we say in our marketing materials and on our blogs. It’s about being action-oriented instead of…

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