“If you can’t like it here, you won’t like it anywhere.”

That’s the thought that popped into my head after entertaining a short round of body self-criticism this morning.

It had been a while since I stood on the scale, and I was feeling pretty good about myself, so I stepped on to see where things were at.

And didn’t like what I saw.

I let that number spoil my good feelings about myself – briefly.

Because I then remembered that the numbers don’t matter, not on my scale, not on my balance sheet, not on my subscriber count or web traffic or age or anything. None of that matters.

It only matters how I choose to feel. And that is always my choice.

It’s a fool’s game to think that when X, Y or Z happens, that’s when I’ll be happy. It doesn’t work that way. The external doesn’t drive the internal. It’s the opposite way around. (The external can only reflect the internal.)

If I can’t like it here (in this gorgeous amazing reality I’ve already got), I won’t like it anywhere.

I suspect that’s true for everyone, not just me.

Because we’re already living in the promised land. We are already living dreams come true.

And when we can’t see how that’s so, if we can’t find some semblance of satisfaction or appreciation for what we’ve already got, what comes next won’t make the difference.

The answer isn’t make changes to our lives so we can feel better about things.

It’s to see how we’ve already hit the jackpot; how life is already rave-worthy.

The answer is learn to love what we’ve already got. Or to at least see things in a way that feels better than judging or criticizing or resenting.

Abraham reminds that every moment, every situation contains all things. It’s just a matter of what we choose to pull out of it. It’s all there for the choosing.

What are we choosing?

We can see what’s wrong or see what’s right (what’s to love). And that choice makes all the difference.

Here’s to choosing well. Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating today.

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