Recently as I was studying the Bible, I wanted to go to the verse stating the Galatians would have given Paul their eyes if possible. I knew it was, of course, in the book of Galatians—and I thought later in the letter—but for the life of me, I couldn’t remember the verse. I didn’t want to interrupt my flow of study with an in-depth search, so I employed the simple Find feature to help me locate the verse.

Try this:

  • Open a Bible to Galatians 3 (A)
  • Open Find with a keystroke: (B)
    • Windows: Ctrl + F
    • Mac: Cmd + F
  • Type eyes in the Find box (C)
  • Notice the word eyes is highlighted in Galatians 3:1 but that’s not the verse we’re looking for (D)

  • Click the Next result (down arrow) (E)
  • Notice the Bible jumps to Galatians 4:15 which is the verse we want! (F)

Make sure to keep Find close at hand because it’s very helpful in locating specific verses when you know you’re in the neighborhood!

For a more detailed explanation about the Find feature, as well as in-depth Searching, please check out a subscription to, where you’ll find 24/7 access to thousands of videos to help you unleash the power of Logos!

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