A fellow Logos user posted this question to the MP Seminars Faithlife group:

How can I create a bibliography for a particular author?

Great question! The solution is not difficult with these steps:

  • Drag the Library icon (A) onto the Logos desktop so that it opens in its own panel (B)
  • Click the Information icon in the upper right of the Library (C) which opens the info pane on the right (D)
  • Type this rule in the Library’s Find box: author: “First Name Last Name” such as: (E)
    • author:”John Piper”
    • author:”A W Tozer”
    • author:”John Wesley”
  • Select the first resource in the list (F)
  • Select all resources in the list by using this keystroke: (G)
    • Windows: Ctrl+A
    • Mac: Cmd + A
    • Click the Save as Bibliography link in the info pane on the right (H)

  • Notice a new Bibliography document is created with your author’s resources already included! (I)

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