In the past few years, Airbnb real estate investing has grown in popularity as more people understand the possibilities for profit in real estate. Generally speaking, Airbnb real estate investing pays out nicely worldwide. Unfortunately, not every property is worthy of being listed on Airbnb. Picking a short-term rental that can help you achieve your goals is crucial when it comes to investing in short-term rentals. But, how can you find a lucrative Airbnb investment property?

Successful Airbnb investors frequently undertake a complete short term rental analysis to locate profitable vacation homes. Investing in real estate used to be a time-consuming and stressful process. Nevertheless, you can now perform short term rental analytics in minutes by employing online tools. These tools assist real estate investors in locating profitable deals while minimizing risk. In addition, you’ll be able to make better investing selections with Airbnb rental data.

In this article, we’ll go over the steps needed to do a complete Airbnb investment analysis, starting with the first step, research.

Look For a Good Area to Invest In

Finding a decent city to invest in is the first stage in performing a short term rental analysis. When it comes to real estate investing, location is everything. When it comes to investing in Airbnb, this is even more important. For your Airbnb investment property, you must choose the ideal city. A city with a robust economy and tourism as a key business is a fantastic place to invest in Airbnb property.

The success of rental homes is heavily reliant on tourism. Therefore, a solid public transit system, shopping complexes, and other vital facilities should be available in the city where you invest. In addition, you should aim to invest in a town that provides easy and quick access to the city’s major tourist attractions and other locations.

When you think about cities’ seasonality trends and average occupancy rates on Airbnb, you should also consider how many people stay there each month. You might not be able to afford to rent rooms during off-peak times if tourists only come during certain times. If you want to find a city where you can make a lot of money with Airbnb, you can look at Airbnb analytics.

Evaluate the Rules for Airbnb of The City

When you do a short term rental analysis, you need to look at short-term rental rules. Depending on where you live, the rules for renting out your home through Airbnb can be very different. If the Airbnb investment property is in a specific place, there may be rules that apply to that place or to the property itself.

There are also a few guidelines that may not be acceptable to all Airbnb guests. Therefore, it is necessary to review the city’s regulations on short-term rentals. Find out how they will affect you. You will be able to avoid getting into trouble with the law as a result.

Several towns have very strict rules about using Airbnb. Some people have even forbidden Airbnb rentals. You should avoid cities like this. For example, San Francisco and Las Vegas are two cities that have very strict rules against Airbnb use. Before you start searching for the best Airbnb investment opportunities, check with your local town council to see what rules are in place for Airbnb. Then, to run a successful business, look for cities with the most lenient rules for Airbnb rentals.

Locate a Good Neighborhood

Short Term Rental Analysis: Using a Heatmap Tool

Neighborhoods in the same town usually have different investment opportunities. If you want to choose the right area, you need to know your intended audience and what they want to see and do. For example, people who stay at Airbnb are primarily tourists. When they visit, they want to be close to popular and exciting places, like urban areas, play parks, coastlines, or universities.

Using a Heatmap Tool

Short term rental analysis can help you find the best places to invest in Airbnb. Using Mashvisor’s Heatmap tool, you can choose the best neighborhoods by filtering for things like the price of an Airbnb listing, cap rate, the amount of Airbnb rental income, and the number of people who stay in an Airbnb rental.

Would you like to give Mashvisor’s Heatmap tool a try? Begin by clicking on this link!

Find the Best Place to Invest in Airbnb

To find the best Airbnb investment property, you need to find a lucrative market and a neighborhood with good Airbnb rules. Then, make sure that the Airbnb real estate investment will be profitable even if the market is good for that. Then, when you buy an investment property, you should get a good return on your money with Airbnb.

Find the Best Place to Invest in Airbnb

The Property Finder is a tool you can use during short term rental analysis to pinpoint your choices. You can use it to look for a place to rent on Airbnb. The tool lets you search for income properties that meet your needs and criteria. For example, if you already know which city you want to live in, you can use the Property Finder to find Airbnb properties that are doing well in the area based on cash on cash return. From the list of the best properties, it will show you, you can choose one to look at.

Once you use the Property Finder to limit your choices, you can use an Airbnb calculator to figure out how much money each Airbnb property makes.

Use Mashvisor’s Property Finder to find the most excellent Airbnb investment property for you right now!

Get the Rental Data With Airbnb Calculator

Get the Rental Data With Airbnb Calculator

With Mashvisor’s investment property calculator, you can get input data in just a few minutes! If you use Mashvisor’s property calculator, it looks at the most up-to-date data and trends to make its decisions. It also lets real estate investors put in data to get the most accurate results. Then, the investment property calculator calculates the property’s return on investment (ROI) metrics using its information about the property.

Two types of data can be put in the calculator. First, investors can also think about how much money they’ll need to get a loan. They can also change and add any extra costs for renting a home. These two numbers are then taken from the rental property’s profit to determine its ROI.

Calculating ROI, especially the cash on cash return, is very dependent on the costs of financing the property. Mashvisor’s rental income calculator lets people choose whether they want to use cash or a mortgage to pay for their homes. For mortgages, real estate investors need to put in the amount of the down payment, the interest rate, and the loan amount.

When investors talk about the type of loan they want, they also need to include that. To calculate rental ROI, the calculator needs to know the financing costs. The calculator is one step closer to this, with the expenses ready to go.

The investment property return calculator gives you expense estimates based on real estate comparables and where the property is located. Rental property costs include one-time start-up costs and ongoing costs.

Start-up costs are only paid once, and they don’t come back. Some of these fees are for furnishing and closing costs, as well as for inspections. Rental charges, on the other hand, stay the same. These are things like HOA dues, income tax, insurance, and a lot more. You can leave the estimates the way they are, or you can change them and add your own.

A real estate market analysis continues with the property’s return on investment (calculated after all the data is put in). The calculator looks at ROI in three ways. These are cash flow, cash on cash return, and the cap rate.

When you use Mashvisor’s calculator for your short term rental analysis, you’ll get the most accurate and comprehensive ROI analysis out there. It also gives you specific real estate data. Mashvisor’s Airbnb income calculator has a lot of unique features, such as the following:

  • Optimal rental strategy
  • Real estate comps
  • Investment payback balance
  • Property income and more.

If you’re on your way to conducting the optimal rental strategy in 2022, want to calculate all the charges you need, and even if you’re looking for the most precise short-term rental data, give Mashvisor’s Airbnb calculator a go!

Rental Property Financing Expenses to Keep in Mind

Upfront Costs

  • Appraisal fee – To figure out how much money you can give you for a mortgage, the lender needs proof that the investment property is valuable. They do this by having you get an appraisal. The cost is between $300 for a single-family home and $600 for a multifamily house.
  • Home inspection – it is in your best interest to get a home inspection before you purchase a rental home to make sure it is in the condition it is promoted. Costs are about $200 to $500.
  • Closing costs – these are the costs of buying the house legally, like applying for a mortgage, getting it recorded, and so on. They cost between 2% and 5% of the home price.

Monthly Expenses

The following are the costs associated with conducting a short term rental analysis:

  • Mortgage payments and property taxes
  • Insurance
  • HOA dues
  • Rental income tax
  • Permits or licenses
  • Property management fees
  • Property maintenance
  • Utilities
  • Cleaning fees
  • Upgrades and emergency budget
  • Vacancy costs

Let’s now look at how to figure out the costs of rental property expenses. Of course, it’s not easy to know everything about a deal before you start investing in real estate. But you can use the numbers and percentages to figure out how much money you could make by investing in the property.

When you’re done with that, look into the market. How much does it cost in this area when it comes to cleaning? How much do similar rental properties charge for electricity and gas? Bank websites can help you figure out how much money you’ll have to pay for your rental home’s mortgage and insurance. That will help you figure out how much it will fully cost. If you want to make a fully informed decision, you should use a very precise tool.

Again, this is where you can let go of all of the manual work and calculations you would normally do yourself. Mashvisor’s rental property calculator does all of that for you.

The rental property calculator calculates the cash flow that a property can generate. It helps extract rental pricing and costs from rental comps and provides a breakdown for both Airbnb and traditional renting. The cash flow varies greatly depending on the local home market, charges, utility bills, and additional Airbnb expenditures, among other factors. As a result, some areas are superior for Airbnb investments than others for long-term rentals.

When it comes to short term rental analysis, the above given is just one aspect of Mashvisor’s investment property calculator tool. It allows you to compare and evaluate rental homes for sale by price, estimated rental income, cap rate, rate of return, and even occupancy rate. You can either add a property to examine its specs or explore Mashvisor’s database using particular criteria. It’s simple to anticipate future spending and find positive cash flow properties because of the data Mashvisor provides.


You’ll need to undertake a thorough short term rental analysis to find the top Airbnb investments on the marketplace. In addition, you must choose the finest city, location, and Airbnb property while completing an Airbnb investment study.

Mashvisor includes several tools that can help you do so. The primary tools you’ll need for Airbnb strategy analysis are Mashvisor’s Heatmap Analysis Tool, Property Finder, and Airbnb Profit Calculator. In a matter of minutes, they can assist you in analyzing Airbnb investment homes. Furthermore, before you invest, make sure to research the city’s Airbnb policies.

You can sign up for a 7-day free trial at Mashvisor today, which will provide you access to our real estate investment tools as well as a lifetime discount of 15% by clicking here!

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