A fellow Logos user recently posted this question in the MP Seminars Faithlife group:

Is there a way once I’ve done a search to hyperlink this search to a notebook?

The answer is Yes!

Simply follow these few steps, and you can easily return to a previous search from any note:

  • Execute any search you like
  • Choose the Panel menu (3 dots in the upper right) on the Search panel (A)
  • Click URL on the Copy location as line (B)

  • Navigate to desired note in your desired notebook
  • Type and select the text in the note you want to hyperlink to the search such as Click here for great search! (C)
  • Click the Link icon (chain links) on the note editor toolbar (D)

  • Right-click in the box that appears (E)
  • Select Paste (F)

  • Click the new hyperlinked text in the note to jump to the search! (H)

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