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You can be the most proactive agent in the world when it comes to studying up on continuing education, attending real estate seminars or putting in a strong effort during your daily work routine; however, nothing beats experiencing how the job is done from the shoes of a top agent.

While coaching and training sessions can be helpful, shadowing a fellow agent who has the years of experience and sales transactions to back up their success will help you truly elevate your business. What can you do to make the most of a shadowing opportunity?

Match up with the right agent

Not all agents are created equal, both in productivity and how they interact with other industry professionals. You want to find someone that you not only look up to as a real estate professional, but also someone you have a solid relationship with and you know adheres to core values and a business model you can align yourself with.

Set a schedule

Not every day is going to bring in those complex conversations that you’d like to overhear in order to hone your negotiation and client interaction skills. Communicate with the agent you will be shadowing and come up with a game plan, instead of just setting up random sessions.

Do they have listing appointments set up that you can tag along on? Is there a price reduction conversation you can sit in on in the next couple of weeks? Are they hosting an open house the following Sunday (one predicted to be active) so you can witness lead conversion scripts? Figure out what skills you want to work on the most, and let the agent know so you’re both on the same page.

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Ask questions

While it’s important to make yourself as undetectable as possible when you’re shadowing an agent that’s speaking with a client, it’s okay to ask questions at the end of an appointment. It can be a lot to take in when simply listening to a…

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