As an investor who’s looking for an online resource to help you find out who owns a house, Mashvisor’s Mashboard tool is what you’re looking for.

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  4. Use Mashvisor’s Mashboard to Invest

Thriving in the real estate industry has now become much easier than it was a few decades ago. Forget about the traditional manual system where you had to use pen and paper for your daily tasks. Now, you only need a good PC with a strong internet connection, a desire to learn, time, and some robust tools, and you’re good to go.

Real estate software solutions are now helping investors boost their productivity, efficiency, and work organization. While there are many tools you can find on the internet, not all offer the same services. However, you don’t have to spend nights on end digging through the internet to find what you’re looking for.

Mashvisor is a one-stop shop for the modern investor. We have various tools to suit investors, property managers, and even agents. Today, our main focus is on one of our innovative tools: the Mashboard. We’re going to discuss this tool and see what it does for real estate professionals.

But first, what are the main problems that the Mashboard helps counter?

Main Problems Real Estate Investors Face

To help us understand the importance of the Mashboard platform, we first have to look at some of the main problems that real estate professionals face. It’s important to take note of these challenges so that you can prepare for them and tackle them using this tool.

Here’s a breakdown of some of these challenges:

Finding the Right Platform

Hunting for the right rental real estate property is never a task achieved alone. You need to work with others and get guidance during the process. However, there are many online platforms that may lead to confusion, especially for novice investors. You need to be patient and research the best platform to use during the process.

Finding Homeowner Information

This point is directly related to the previous challenge. Some online platforms are dishonest or are not reliable when it comes to providing homeowner information. This has been a major concern for a long time since owners in some cases remain mysterious.

Qualifying Leads

Most beginner investors and professionals have a hard time qualifying leads. Imagine wasting your time and energy on a potential buyer or seller only to find they’re not ready to make a move.

Finding and Selling Off-Market Properties

Off-market properties refer to listings that aren’t available on public platforms, such as the MLS. Most people who invest in off-market properties love them as they are typically cheaper and have a great return on investment potential. Sellers also love selling their properties off-market since they’re more likely to find qualified potential buyers who’re willing to offer the right price and close fast. However, unless you have a vast network of professionals within your market, finding these listings may be a huge hurdle.

Finding the Right Property

Buying property isn’t just about making an offer for a listing that interests you. You need to carry out market and property analyses to make sure you’re investing in a lucrative income property. Carrying out a comprehensive analysis is hard if you don’t have the right tools. Remember, you also want accurate and reliable numbers so that you can make smart investment decisions.

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So, how can you counter these problems? Enter Mashvisor’s Mashboard.

Mashboard for Real Estate Professionals

Simply put, the Mashboard is where everything about Mashvisor comes together. As an investor, the Mashboard property management console allows you to view saved property listings, qualify quality leads, and carry out market searches all under one roof.

To understand this tool better, here’s a breakdown of all the features and benefits you’ll get to enjoy:

Finding Off-Market Listings

The Mashboard helps real estate investors spot off-market property listings in any market and identify great property investment opportunities. As we’ve seen, off-market properties are particularly special to investors since they’re generally cheaper and offer a greater return on investment. 

Since these investments are hidden away from the public eye, it’s not easy to spot them. However, the Mashboard gives you access to an extensive database that comprises foreclosures, auctioned homes, tenant-occupied investment properties, and short sales.

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Generate Quality Leads

Experienced real estate investors who’ve seen some success in this field have learned the art of talking to property owners and turning them into sellers. Every investor has their own lead generation strategies. 

However, smart ones know that they need to implement an online lead generation strategy into their approach. Furthermore, most sellers nowadays post their listings online to increase their visibility, exposure, and reach. This is where the Mashboard comes in.

You can use the Mashboard to search for off-market property listings. This gives you access to serious off-market property sellers in any market.

On top of that, if you’re a first-time homebuyer or seller, you’ll probably be looking for agents to help you negotiate or close a deal. With an investor account on Mashvisor, you can find experienced real estate agents who understand your local market.

Access Property Owner Data

When you’re planning to invest, getting access to property owner data is one of the most important steps in your journey. Once you’ve found a great investment house, you need to find out who owns the property so you can initiate a conversation and strike a deal. This helps you to turn the focus from looking for homeowners’ data to searching for lucrative properties. 

Mashvisor’s Mashboard shoulders the responsibility and finds the property owner data for you in a matter of minutes. You can do this in a few simple steps:

  • Click “Add Owner List” on the dashboard.
  • Set up the homeowner search filters. You can find property owners with or without knowing the address. For example, if you were driving for dollars and found a property that you liked, enter the street address in the “Address” field. All filters related to the location, including city, state, and zip code will auto-fill.
  • If you don’t have an address, you can search for property owners’ details in every market. You do this by setting the location (city, state & zip-code), property type (single-family, condo, townhouse, or multi-family), date of sale, and year-built filters. After this, select the type of homeowner data you’d like to receive. The data type could be their address, email address, phone number, or a combination of these details.

Mashvisor’s Mashboard database will collect all the homeowners’ information and compile the list. Once it’s ready, you’ll receive a notification to download a CVS report where you can access the property owners’ data at any time on the Mashboard.

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Carry Out a Comprehensive Property Analysis

Every property investor wants to invest their money in a profitable rental property. A profitable investment property is one that provides a good return on investment. The only way to find out whether the property is profitable is by carrying out an in-depth property analysis.

A comprehensive property analysis involves looking at property details—such as selling price and location—and calculating the essential return on investment metrics, such as cash flow, cash on cash return, and cap rate. 

As you might already guess, carrying out these calculations manually is tedious as it would take a lot of your time. Imagine having to research the property data, compile all your data into spreadsheets, and update all the numbers manually. Let’s not even talk about how a single error could lead to wrong calculations.

Mashboard eliminates the need to worry about all this. It provides you a comprehensive analysis of any listing you find on the platform, as well as properties whose addresses you enter manually.

How to Find Profitable Investment Property Using Mashvisor

Finding a profitable property investment without real estate software solutions would be uphill. Since the internet is full of real estate websites, getting started can be a little hard. However, Mashvisor is one of the best sites for property search and an all-in-one platform for the modern investor.

Book your Mashvisor demo today and see how our tools can help you:

Here is a simple guide on how you can invest in lucrative investment properties using Mashvisor tools:

Choose a Suitable Market

Location is one of the core pillars of real estate investments. One city or market could offer better returns than another city. The potential of returns is determined by different economic indicators that directly affect the market. The indicators include economic growth, job opportunities, and population.

Mashvisor’s blog and knowledge center is probably the best place to learn about real estate basics, such as investing in rental properties, as well as top markets in the US. We regularly update our blog posts to include the best-performing states and cities.

Our location guides are backed up by real estate housing market metrics such as:

  • Median property prices
  • Rental income
  • Cash on cash return
  • Cap rate
  • Occupancy rate

Carry Out Neighborhood Analysis

Once you’ve identified a suitable market, it’s now time to find a lucrative neighborhood within the location. Different neighborhoods within the same city may have different profit potentials. Mashvisor offers you the best solutions to perform an in-depth neighborhood analysis.

Our heatmap allows you to conduct neighborhood analysis on any given market. What makes our heatmap tool special is that you can analyze several neighborhoods simultaneously. It’s simple to use since it resembles heat maps used by weather forecasters. In short, it’s color-coded to represent active or dormant neighborhoods in a market.

Mashboard: Carry Out Neighborhood Analysis

Mashvisor’s real estate heatmap gives you an overview of which parts of a city have more potential for your chosen investment strategy.

Find a Lucrative Investment Property

Once you’ve identified a market and neighborhood to invest in, it’s finally time to search for an investment property. We have a real estate tool to help you accomplish this task: the Property Finder.  This tool allows you to search for property listings in any real estate market in the US. It uses machine learning and AI algorithms to give you results that match your search criteria and requirements.

You can set up your search criteria based on the following filters:

  • Budget
  • Location (maximum of five cities)
  • Distance from location
  • Property type
  • Number of bedrooms & bathrooms
  • Rental strategy
Mashboard: Find a Lucrative Investment Property

The Property Finder allows you to search for a lucrative property in up to 10 cities at once.

Perform Investment Property Analysis

The next step involves ascertaining whether the income property will indeed generate a good return on investment. Mashvisor’s investment property calculator is the best online tool for this job as it saves you a lot of time.

With this property calculator, you can get a comprehensive property analysis for any listing on the platform or whose address you enter by the click of a button. Here are some of the key property analysis metrics you get from this calculator:

  • Rental income for traditional and Airbnb rental strategies 
  • Traditional and Airbnb cash on cash return
  • Traditional and Airbnb cap rate
  • Property expenses
  • Traditional and Airbnb cash flow
  • Traditional and Airbnb occupancy rate

The best thing about this tool is that it’s interactive. If your research shows you that a certain metric, such as expenses, is different, you can adjust it and see how that would affect your return on investment.

Select an Optimal Rental Strategy

The rental strategy you choose for your rental property investment significantly affects the level of success you experience. There are two main rental strategies you can choose from:

  • Traditional rental strategy– This is the conventional and most common rental strategy where a landlord gets tenants who rent the property in the long term, say six months and sometimes years. It’s most common since it assures the real estate investor an income at the end of the month.
  • Short-term rental strategy– This rental strategy has been gaining a lot of popularity of late. As the name suggests, it involves hosting tenants on your property for a minimum of one night. The tenants, or guests, pay you an agreed nightly rate. It’s slowly gaining popularity since it offers higher income potential.

Mashvisor tools help you make this decision since they provide the important metrics for both rental strategies. You can perform a side-by-side comparison and choose the strategy that matches your investment goals.

Use Mashvisor’s Mashboard to Invest

As we’ve seen, accessing Mashvisor’s Mashboard is one of the most important steps of your investment journey. The tool will solve many problems investors face such as accessing homeowners’ data, finding off-market properties, investing in the right property, and many others. Choose Mashvisor tools to walk with you in your investing journey.

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