Jackson Hewitt Online review

Jackson Hewitt Online is the DIY branch of the Jackson Hewitt franchise. 

The company, which has long been associated with its Walmart franchise locations, uses the online tool to help self-service-oriented individuals.

However, the software is not particularly easy to use, and it doesn’t come with many “offline” guarantees. Because of this, we recommend that most users should pass on Jackson Hewitt Online. Read our full review below to understand more.

You can also see how Jackson Hewitt Online compares to the other top tax software this year. 

Jackson Hewitt Online
  • Flat $25 price includes multi-state filing
  • No fringe benefits like audit support or in-person review
  • Can be cumbersome for landlords or self-employed workers

Jackson Hewitt Online Details

Jackson Hewitt Online – Can You File For Free?

Jackson Hewitt Online cut out the free option this year. All users will pay $25 for federal + state filing. The $25 price tag stays the same, even if filers need to file multiple state returns.

What’s New In 2022?

Jackson Hewitt’s simplified pricing is the company’s first major change this year. All filers pay $25 for Federal and State filing.

The overall look and feel of the software remain the same from previous years, but Jackson Hewitt has additional sections covering Advance Child Tax Credit Payments and Economic Impact Payments.

Screenshot of Jackson Hewitt's interview question covering Economic Impact Payments

Interview question covering Economic Impact Payments

Does Jackson Hewitt Online Make Tax Filing Easy In 2022?

Jackson Hewitt Online offers an intuitive filing solution for people with relatively straightforward tax situations. The software makes it easy to claim deductions and credits.

Filers can’t import forms into the software. But despite the inconvenience, filers easily claim income such as W-2 Wages, basic self-employment income, retirement income, interest, dividends, and unemployment income.

Screenshot of Jackson Hewitt's W-2 section

Filers must manually enter their information.

Where Jackson Hewitt’s software is cumbersome at best and confusing at worst is when it comes to claiming capital gains and losses. Stock or crypto traders have to manually enter trades in forms that take up the entire screen for a single transaction. Repeating that screen even a few dozen times is a recipe for mistakes.

The software also makes it difficult to claim depreciation or depletion expenses. This means that landlords and self-employed may struggle to complete their tax returns using Jackson Hewitt Online.

Screenshot of Jackson Hewitt's Rental Form

The Rental Form tells users to add this to a depreciation deduction. The only way to find the depreciation form is through the Help Center.

Jackson Hewitt Online Notable Features

Jackson Hewitt Online didn’t have many standout features, but these are some of the notable 

Interview Style Navigation

Jackson Hewitt Online allows users to opt between menu and interview style navigation. The program’s interview questions are free of tax jargon and they keep users focused on the parts of the software that pertain to them.

Screenshot of Jackson Hewitt's interest and dividends section

Interview style navigation

Supports Multi-State Filing

Filers who earned income in multiple states can file in multiple states for one price. All filers pay $25, no matter how many state returns they file.

Jackson Hewitt Online Notable Drawbacks

Jackson Hewitt Online’s downsides may make it unsuitable for filers in several groups.

Hard To Claim Depreciation And Depletion

Depreciation and depletion can be legitimate business expenses for landlords and some self-employed people. Jackson Hewitt Online supports these deductions, but figuring out how to claim them is unnecessarily complex.

Users have to seek out the depreciation worksheets and enter many fields that should be pre-calculated. The final output of the depreciation and depletion values is never shown to users, so there’s no way to check whether they got the inputs correct.

No Section Summaries

Jackson Hewitt Online does not have built-in section summaries. Filers need to click into each income type, deduction, or credit to check the values. More robust software shows section summaries to help filers confirm they haven’t missed anything important.

Jackson Hewitt Online Pricing

Jackson Hewitt Online charges all users $25 for federal filing and $0 per state. Filers who have to file multiple state returns may decide that Jackson Hewitt Online offers a fair deal.

Additionally, Jackson Hewitt’s 0% tax anticipation loan options ARE NOT available to online customers. You must pay for in person filing to qualify for these loans. Potential customers should also note that Jackson Hewitt may raise its prices closer to the filing deadline.

How Does Jackson Hewitt Online Compare?

Jackson Hewitt Online appears to use a white-labeled version of tax software issued by Drake Tax Software. That’s the same software that 1040.com uses and both products have the same pricing structure.

We also compared Jackson Hewitt Online to Cash App Taxes and FreeTaxUSA. Among the competitors listed, Cash App Taxes offers the best overall user experience. However, filers who need to file multiple state returns can’t use Cash App Taxes. These filers may want to choose a low-cost alternative such as the products listed here.


1040.com Tax Software
FreeTaxUSA updated logo
Cash App Taxes logo

Unemployment Income (1099-G)

Only from Jackson Hewitt Online

Retirement Income (SS, Pension, etc.)

Small Business Owner (Over $5k In Expenses)

$0 Fed &
$14.99 per state


How Do I Get Support From Jackson Hewitt Online?

Jackson Hewitt Online has a great set of “Tax Tips and Topics” on its primary website. Other resources include a tax document checklist and various tax calculators. 

Within the filing software itself, resources are much more limited. Users can find a few FAQ knowledge articles. Additionally, the “Tell Me More” buttons sprinkled throughout the software offer useful translations for people who aren’t tax-minded.

But Jackson Hewitt Online doesn’t include a lot of extra support options. Users can access customer service via Live Chat anytime. But this service doesn’t include an audit protection guarantee. There’s also no option to get advice from a tax pro if you’re using Jackson Hewitt Online.

If you want expert support, you’ll need to forgo the online option altogether and let a Jackson Hewitt Tax Pro in your local area prepare your return. Unlike some of its competitors, Jackson Hewitt keeps its online presence completely separate from its in-person offices and Walmart store locations.

Is It Safe And Secure?

Jackson Hewitt Online meets industry standards for keeping user information safe. The company encrypts data and it allows users to enable multi-factor authentication.

Jackson Hewitt Franchise locations have been accused of data breaches, but the online product has not been hacked before. However, no tax software is 100% safe from hacks or data breach events. 

Is It Worth It?

Jackson Hewitt Online isn’t a top tax software pick in 2022. The user interface is reasonable for filers with straightforward returns. However, most of those filers can find alternatives at a lower price. A possible exception is multi-state filers. People who moved during the last year may find a lot of value from Jackson Hewitt Online.

But one-state filers who are looking for a bargain can look Cash App Taxes or TaxHawk rather than Jackson Hewitt Online. Others may prefer high-end software like H&R Block or TurboTax. No matter what you’re seeking, we have recommendations for software based on your filing situation.

Jackson Hewitt Online FAQs

Here are some the most common questions we hear people asking about Jackson Hewitt Online:

Can Jackson Hewitt Online help me file my crypto investments?

Jackson Hewitt Online allows users to claim capital gains associated with crypto transactions. But the software isn’t designed to make this easy. Filers must enter each transaction in a long online form.

Most filers who traded crypto should use TurboTax Premier rather than Jackson Hewitt Online. TurboTax Premier has built-in functionality designed to handle the complexity of crypto transactions.

Can I request my stimulus check through Jackson Hewitt Online?

Yes, Jackson Hewitt Online covers stimulus payments through the interview style guidance. Filers who didn’t receive the economic impact payment in 2021 can claim the Rebate Recovery Credit on their tax return. Jackson Hewitt Online does the credit math for filers. People who didn’t receive stimulus payments in 2020 will have to file a 2020 amended return to receive those funds.

I didn’t receive the full amount for Advanced Child Tax Credit Payments. Can Jackson Hewitt Online help me get the rest?

Yes, Jackson Hewitt Online covers specific questions related to Advanced Child Tax Credit Payments. The software helps people who received less than expected claim the full Child Tax Credit. The remaining money is sent with an annual refund check.

Can Jackson Hewitt Online help me with state filing in multiple states?

Yes! Filers pay just $25 no matter how many state returns they need to complete.

Does Jackson Hewitt Online offer refund advance loans?

Jackson Hewitt Online does not offer refund advance loans. However, people who file from a Jackson Hewitt office (including inside a Walmart) may be eligible for a fee-free refund advance loan of up to $3,500.

Jackson Hewitt Online Features

Yes, additional fee will apply

Import Tax Return From Other Providers

Import Prior-Year Return For Returning Customers

Import W-2 With A Picture

Stock Brokerage Integrations

Crypto Exchange Integrations

Deduct Charitable Donations

Refund Anticipation Loans

Not offered with Jackson Hewitt Online, but may be offered to customers who file with a local Tax Pro

Customer Service Phone Number

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