Cash App Taxes Review

Looking for completely free tax filing? This year, Cash App Taxes (formerly Credit Karma Tax) is the only service offering free federal and state filing to all users.

While the newly rebranded platform has undergone some changes, it continues to provide high-quality options for most filers. In our review, we break down everything you need to know about Cash App Taxes.

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Cash App Taxes logo
  • Filing is always free, regardless of tax situation
  • Audit support is included
  • No option to work with tax pros

Cash App Taxes – Is It Really Free?

Yes, Cash App Taxes is 100% free and doesn’t have any paid tiers. A few people (those who worked in multiple states or who earned foreign income) may not qualify to use Cash App Taxes, but most all others will. Users get free access to the software in exchange for downloading the Cash App and creating a Cash App account.

What’s New In 2022?

Cash App Taxes purchased Credit Karma Tax and rebranded the platform this year. While the product is still free to use, we noticed a few disappointing downgrades. In 2022, the Cash App Taxes no longer supports W-2 imports.

Filers will need to manually enter all information from their forms. We were also surprised to see that the product didn’t pick up on errors like over-contributions to self-employed 401(k) plans. This error may have been picked up at the end of the software, but this is typically flagged earlier.

However, Cash App made some nice improvements to the tax filing flow. It requires users to answer a quick questionnaire to make the tax filing situation more personalized. The various income and expense factors are added to the screen to make tax filing more efficient.

Screenshot of Cash App Taxes new navigation format

Cash App Taxes new navigation format

Does Cash App Taxes Make Tax Filing Easy In 2022?

Cash App Taxes makes tax filing relatively easy for most users. It doesn’t support imports, but it has decent calculators and a good user interface. However, active traders (crypto or stocks) will have to manually enter each trade (which is a pain).

Additionally, we found one issue associated with over-contributions to self-employed 401(k) plans. That said, these limitations won’t apply to most users. Cash App Taxes is an excellent software for almost all tax filers.

Cash App Taxes Notable Features

Cash App Taxes offers free tax filing for most people, but the software is more robust than its price tag implies. These are a few of the product’s best features.

Customized Filing Experience

Filers complete a short questionnaire at the start of the filing process. This streamlines the filing process, so users don’t have to open or review the information that isn’t relevant to them.

Completely Free Federal And State Filing

With many tax software companies, the free tier is incredibly limited, which means that the majority of taxpayers are forced to upgrade to a paid tier. Not so with Cash App Taxes. It offers all of its features for free. Users only need to download the Cash App to gain access to the robust software.

Required Multi-Factor Authentication

Cash App Taxes tackles security in a robust way. It requires users to use multi-factor authentication including scanning QR codes to start using the software. The use of a physical second form of authentication is a best practice that few other companies offer (much less required).

Free Audit Support

Cash App Taxes provides free Audit Support (through a third party) for anyone who files using Cash App Taxes. The support includes organizing tax documents, writing to the IRS, and attending hearings associated with the audit.

Cash App Taxes Notable Drawbacks

Cash App Taxes is suitable for the typical tax filing scenario, but it has a few drawbacks, especially for those seeking premium features.

Difficult To Login

I think the biggest notable drawback is that you have to start with the app or use the app to get started. For many, CashApp isn’t something you’ve maybe used before (or even heard of), so this could be an issue.

No Form Imports

Cash App Taxes doesn’t allow users to import W-2 or 1099 forms. This may be a dealbreaker, especially for crypto or stock traders who don’t want to manually enter every transaction.

Screenshot of Cash App taxes trade entry page

Manual entry for stock or crypto trades

Possible To Skip Or Overlook Certain Sections

Cash App Taxes’ new navigation is best described as “customized” menu navigation. A short questionnaire simplifies the software, so users aren’t overwhelmed by selections. However, users must manually click into each section to enter their information. Users may accidentally skip certain sections if they don’t realize it applies to them.

Cash App Taxes Pricing Plans

Cash App Taxes offers free Federal and State filing. Users don’t have to pay for anything, including free Audit Defense.

How Does Cash App Taxes Compare?

Cash App Taxes is a surprisingly robust software, especially when it’s compared to bargain and mid-tier software. Here’s a quick look at how it compares to FreeTax USA, TaxAct, and TaxSlayer.


Cash App Taxes logo
FreeTaxUSA updated logo

Dependent Care Deductions

Retirement Income (SS, Pension, etc.)

Small Business Owner (over $5k in expenses)


$6.99 Fed & $14.99/State


$24.95 Fed & $44.95/State


$11.67 Fed & $36.95/State

Pro Support
$24.99 Fed &


$34.95 Fed & $44.95/State


$24.67 Fed &


$64.95 Fed & $44.95/State


$31.17 Fed & $36.95/State


How Do You Log In To Cash App Taxes?

Filers who want to use Cash App Taxes may be confused by the login process. To create a tax account you’ll need to download the Cash App on your own. Next, you’ll need to select the “Free Tax Filing” option from the “Banking” menu.

Screenshot of the "Free Tax Filing" button in the Cash App taxes app

From there, you’ll have the option to immediately start filing your return. Or you can choose to let Cash App Taxes estimate your refund instead.

Screenshot of the first step in setting up a Cash App Taxes account

If you choose to start filing, you’ll be asked tor provide an email address. You’ll then be sent a confirmation code to that email address and then another one to your phone. Once both have been verified, you can begin to fill out your personal information.

Note that you won’t have to complete your entire return on your phone. Once you’ve logged in using the app, you’ll have the option to scan a QR code to finish completing your return on a computer.

How Do I Contact Cash App Taxes Support?

When using a completely free tax software, you’ll typically need to be willing to make a few compromises. And in the case of Cash App Taxes, one of those compromises is that you’ll have limited support options.

Cash App does have a new dedicated Help Center for Cash App Taxes. But unlike premium tax software companies, you won’t have the option to upgrade to tiers that include access to tax pros. 

If you have a technical problem with the app, you can call the company’s main customer service number at 1-800-969-1940. But if you want the ability to ask tax-related questions to experts, you’ll likely want to choose a different tax software.

Is It Safe And Secure?

Using any tax software involves certain risks, but Cash App takes security more seriously than most tax companies. It leverages its experience as a banking/brokerage company to protect user information.

Cash App Taxes meets all requirements for encryption and it takes safety one step further. Users must access their accounts by scanning a QR code from their phones. Information to personal information only becomes available when a user has access to their phone and their laptop at the same time.

Is It Worth It?

Cash App Taxes offers a free product that is more robust than most paid products on the market today. It doesn’t rival premium services (like TurboTax, H&R Block and TaxSlayer), but it’s serviceable for most filers who don’t actively trade stocks or crypto. Given the ease of use, we’re recommending Cash App Taxes as a top free tax filing option for this year.

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Cash App Taxes FAQs

Let’s answer a few of the most common questions that people ask about Cash App Taxes.

Can Cash App Taxes help me file my crypto investments?

If you traded one or two tokens, you may want to use Cash App Taxes to file your taxes. Figuring out the cost basis on these trades won’t be too difficult. However, active traders will have to manually enter dozens or hundreds of transactions. This is too time-consuming to be worthwhile. Users should instead consider TaxAct or TurboTax Premier to cut down on the time spent filing.

Can I request my stimulus check through Cash App Taxes?

Tax filers who didn’t receive all of their stimulus money can correct the error through Cash App Taxes. The software has an entire section devoted to the Rebate Recovery Credit.

I didn’t receive the full amount for Advanced Child Tax Credit Payments. Can Cash App Taxes help me get the rest?

Cash App Taxes ensures that all parents receive the right amount for the Child Tax Credits. Any amount that you did not receive will be added to your annual refund check.

Can Cash App Taxes help me with state filing in multiple states?

Cash App Taxes can help you file your Federal taxes, but it does not support multi-state filing. Tax filers who filed in multiple states should consider an alternative software like Free Tax USA?

Do I have to pay if I had a side hustle?

Cash App Taxes is free for all users including those who are self-employed or who had a side hustle.

Does Cash App Taxes offer refund advance loans?

Cash App Taxes doesn’t offer refund advance loans, but filers can get their returns two days earlier if they deposit to a Cash App account. This is an FDIC-insured account.

Does Cash App Taxes offer any deals on refunds?

Cash App Taxes doesn’t offer any deals or incentives associated with refunds.

Cash App Taxes Features

Yes, from Credit Karma Tax, TurboTax, H&R Block, or TaxAct

Deduct Charitable Donations

Customer Service Phone Number

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