Actress Candace Cameron Bure recently celebrated the baptism of her 23-year-old daughter, Natasha Bure, and encouraged parents to raise their children in the faith.

In a post on Instagram, Bure congratulated her daughter, who was baptized at Shepherd Church in Los Angeles, California, on Sunday.

“My heart is overwhelmed by God’s goodness and grace. Congratulations @natashabure!!!! Thank you @dudleyrutherford and @shepherdchurch. As a mama, there’s nothing that tops this day. Nothing!!” the actress wrote on Monday.

Natasha Bure getting baptized

Bure, a mother of three adult children, noted that all of them have now “professed their faith, love, service and devotion to Jesus Christ; Lord of Lords, King of Kings, Savior of the world.”

She closed her post by citing the Great Commission found in the Gospel of Matthew (Matthew 28:19-20).

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you,” the text reads.

Bure’s post also included a brief clip of her daughter being baptized. At the time of this writing, the clip has just over 1.6 million views.

Natasha, an actress and Youtuber, also shared about the moment on her Instagram account.

“God is GOOD! Today was a special day. @shepherdchurch @dudleyrutherford Livin for the Lord!!” she wrote.

Natasha Bure getting baptized

Following her daughter’s baptism, Bure told Faithwire that it is essential for parents to constantly pray for their children and to lead by example.

“Pray, pray, pray for your children every day of their lives,” she stressed. “Just as importantly, walk the talk yourself! You are your children’s biggest and brightest example.”

“How you handle the hardships in attitude and character by praying, submitting to God, and honoring the Lord in your decisions speaks volumes to your kids, even if you don’t think they see it at the time,” she continued. “Be the example you wanted to have growing up. God is faithful, even when you aren’t.”

Bure further encouraged parents to be in the Word and read it to their children.


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Photo courtesy: ©Getty Images/Jesse Grant/Stringer

Milton Quintanilla is a freelance writer. He is also the co-hosts of the For Your Soul podcast, which seeks to equip the church with biblical truth and sound doctrine. Visit his blog Blessed Are The Forgiven.

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