Being a successful real estate investor requires finding the best investment property with the biggest return and doing so swiftly and effectively before somebody else. Real estate investing is fiercely competitive, particularly in the short-term rental business, proving to be a more profitable approach than traditional rents.

Airbnb rental property investors need to empower themselves with all of the best real estate investing tools available to stay ahead of the competition, and the Airbnb calculator is among them. Read on to learn about BiggerPockets Airbnb Calculator, its pros and cons, and how to find the best Airbnb calculator.

What Is an Airbnb Calculator?

An Airbnb profit calculator is a type of investment property calculator designed to assist beginner real estate investors and more professional investors search for and locating top-performing vacation properties.

The Airbnb calculator does real estate market analysis and investment property analysis on thousands and thousands of MLS listings, foreclosed properties, off-market properties, and even estates that you enter yourself to estimate the profit potential of each one. As a result, it removes the need for investors to perform a time-consuming comparative market analysis (CMA) and research for Airbnb rental data and return-on-investment estimates.

The right Airbnb rental calculator can cut three months of investigation (the typical time it takes a beginning real estate investor to locate its rental property) into 10-15 minutes, allowing you to purchase the most profitable investment properties ahead of the competition.

The greatest aspect of the Airbnb rental calculator is that it can help a real estate investor with various tasks. The result will be the ability to rapidly and securely purchase Airbnb property with a good return on investment. That said, let’s see how BiggerPockets Airbnb Calculator performs and is it worth the money.

How to Estimate Airbnb Income?

First, you must choose a proper location for your Airbnb investment property– a lucrative one– before attempting to estimate Airbnb income for a particular rental property. And after you’ve found one, you can calculate the total location’s Airbnb income. Then, of course, you may achieve all of this by doing a real estate market analysis.

And how can you quickly obtain all of the data and estimate your Airbnb income without having to do all of the research manually? The answer is the Airbnb income calculator. Continue reading our article to find out more!

Airbnb Calculator on BiggerPockets: The Complete Breakdown

BiggerPockets is a real estate investing platform. In addition, BiggerPockets is a social network, marketplace, and instructional hub for enterprising individuals who seek to “build sustainable wealth through real estate.” One of the tools they have is the BiggerPockets Airbnb Calculator.

BiggerPockets is committed to assisting investors at whatever level of their investing careers, whether they’re experienced commercial real estate owners or just ambitious investors looking to learn how to flip houses for extra cash.

Active real estate investors who have more experience can upgrade from free to a Pro Member and access even more targeted resources. That covers services such as property management software and tenant screenings. Real estate investment calculators can also be used to estimate a deal’s profit. Pro Members can also look for and submit real estate listings on the BiggerPockets marketplace.

With the Airbnb calculator on BiggerPockets, you can estimate how much money you may make from short-term Airbnb rentals. In addition, Rentalizer from AirDNA provides information on annual revenue, average daily rate, occupancy rate, and more for every property worldwide. To obtain your quick report, you must simply input the address in the “Enter a Street Address” field.

BiggerPockets also serves as a wealth portfolio management platform for investors who pay a monthly fee. This is a good choice for those who have already started investing in real estate and want to expand their portfolio.

The platform also provides Pro Members with access to eight different types of BiggerPockets Airbnb Calculator for determining the profitability of a deal, whether you’re looking to fix and flip, rent, renovate, wholesale, or rent out a house as an Airbnb. These calculators can assist you in determining whether a project is worthwhile before spending time and effort, allowing you to depend on data rather than gut instinct.

Investors have access to leasing agreements and Airbnb calculator on BiggerPockets; however, the membership can get quite expensive, and data from the calculator can get misleading. Pro Members receive discounts from real estate vendors worth $8,000 or more, while Premium Members benefit from significant increases in lead generation and conversion rates. Keep in mind that the data from BiggerPockets rental estimate can vary and not be so precise if you opt for a paid membership.

BiggerPockets platform can appear one-sided or intimidating to some investors, particularly those who have yet to achieve success. They may be looking for support or affirmation from others who have experienced similar troubles in the real estate market. Furthermore, some people aren’t made for investing, and BiggerPockets’ controlled narrative can make them feel disappointed or discouraged.

The most frustrating part about BiggerPockets Airbnb Calculator is that you need to understand and search all data and input everything yourself. But, having that said, how can you save your time and get your estimates just by clicking a few times? Well, in that case, Mashvisor’s Airbnb Calculator comes in handy. The following is a list of the several elements of real estate investing that this Airbnb analytics tool can manage!

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Find the Best Real Estate Investment Opportunities

All real estate expert understands that the most critical aspect for the success of a real estate venture is location. Nevertheless, exploring and discovering the best markets to invest in an Airbnb rental property can take several months, and the scenario may have changed by the time you finish your study. That is not how businesses should be handled with all of this technology we have today.

An Airbnb income calculator eliminates the need for investors to undertake manual neighborhood evaluation by displaying the best neighborhoods in which to purchase a short-term rental in any location in the United States. Suppose investors want to narrow down their property search and start with the best neighborhoods. In that case, they may use a heatmap to uncover areas in their preferred real estate market that are perfect for discovering income properties to rent out on Airbnb or other related platforms.

Analyze the Real Estate Market

Locating the greatest Airbnb rental neighborhood isn’t enough for a successful real estate investment. Spending the right price is crucial, as the purchase price is among the two most essential components in any real estate rate of return calculation, including rental income.

When a newbie investor with limited experience performs comparative market analysis, it can take weeks or months. On the other hand, unlike the Airbnb calculator on BiggerPockets, an Airbnb investment calculator by Mashvisor can do it in a couple of seconds to minutes. In addition, this tool will display to you how many comparable properties are presently listed so that you don’t overpay for your property.

Real estate investors no longer need to sift through print advertising, drive around looking for “For Sale” posters, or immediately contact a real estate agent to obtain access to MLS listings, thanks to the growth of big data and machine learning algorithms.

The Airbnb profit calculator has streamlined and improved the property search process. The tool will display all of the properties for sale in the real estate market that fulfill your investment criteria, including budget, house type, amount of bedrooms, optimal rental strategy (in this scenario, Airbnb), rental income, and ROI.

Analyze Airbnb Investment Properties

Unlike the Airbnb calculator on BiggerPockets, where you need to input all of the data yourself, the Mashvisor’s Airbnb calculator’s task for a real estate investor is to perform an Airbnb investment analysis. As a result, you can get a thorough report with all the most significant digits and indications that an Airbnb host needs to improve their investment with only a few clicks of a mouse.

Analyze Airbnb Investment Properties

Property prices, expenses, rental revenue, and multiple real estate return on investment indicators are examples of the Airbnb number reports. These statistics are based on verified rental comps and Airbnb data to ensure maximum accuracy and dependability.

Furthermore, suppose you think your Airbnb investment property will perform differently (based on your expertise as an Airbnb host or other factors). In that case, you can personalize any of the easily accessible metrics, and the Airbnb calculator will rerun all of the impacted calculations in a matter of seconds.

Investment Property Calculator: The Data You Can Get

Since that you have a rough understanding of what an Airbnb calculator can accomplish for you as a new real estate owner now, let’s take a closer look at the specific statistics and data that this tool will produce for you:

To begin, use an Airbnb investing calculator to see how much the houses you’re interested in are currently listed for. While the listing price is not usually the ultimate transaction price, it is a decent indication of how much your Airbnb rental property will cost. As previously said, how much cash you can make on Airbnb is determined by the property price, other fees, and rental income you create.

  • Monthly Expenses and Startup Costs

The Airbnb calculator will also give you all of the one-time startup costs and regular charges you can expect to spend, allowing you to determine the return on investment on just about any Airbnb rental property. These figures are based on current real estate market pricing in the area. In addition, you can manually enter the Airbnb fees and taxes imposed by your county, district, and city authorities into the Airbnb profit calculator.

Learn more about expenses and costs by reading this article.

While it is necessary to spend money when investing in real estate, investors must do so to gain profit. Therefore, you can also use an Airbnb rental calculator to estimate your Airbnb income. As a result, the tool is sometimes referred to as an Airbnb price calculator, as it will determine the most common Airbnb nighttime rate in your real estate market and neighborhood to provide you with a highly accurate estimate of the Airbnb rental income you will be able to earn from your property.

With the Mashvisor Airbnb Calculator, you will also provide you with data on Airbnb occupancy rate, cash flow, and cash on cash return!


The real estate investing business has been drastically revolutionized by the arrival of AI and predictive analytics. As a result, no savvy, successful investor will spend months looking for homes for sale or weeks calculating the return on investment that a rental property will provide.

Everything said will stay in history. But, in 2022, real estate investors in any US home market will more and more use the most incredible Airbnb calculator to locate the best-performing Airbnb investment properties.

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