The Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament (BECNT) shines as one of today’s most respected sources for exegetical studies. It regularly flies off the shelves, so it’s no surprise—it rarely goes on sale. (Maybe once a year . . . )

But the time has finally arrived!

Now until the end of December, you can snap up the 18-volume BECNT for almost $320 off the regular price, at a hefty discount of 40% off. If you already own individual volumes of BECNT in Logos, your price will be even less since you never pay twice for resources.

If you’re new to BECNT, here’s what to expect . . .

  • Along with its reputation as an approachable study for both pastors and lay people, BECNT upholds a strong respect for biblical truth in its scholarly approach.
  • It includes the work of a wide variety of scholars from differing theological persuasions, offering a diverse bank of scholarly knowledge, while maintaining its allegiance to biblical truth.
  • By investigating a variety of viewpoints while maintaining a firm grasp on the truth, the BECNT gives an authoritative view of each passage.

One of the BECNT’s best features is that it allows you to study New Testament Greek texts even if you have little or no Greek experience.

Each volume contains the original Greek words and the corresponding transliterated and translated phrases so you can understand pronunciation and definitions quickly without sacrificing readability.

Because the BECNT opens up the New Testament’s language and context, it helps students of the Bible develop deeper, more accurate study.

For all these reasons, volumes have consistently ranked well on For example, Douglas Moo’s commentary on Galatians has a near-perfect rating of 4.97 out of 5.

See why the BECNT is so beloved—get the entire set today for 40% off.

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