Different real estate investors tend to form different opinions about which app is the best real estate app for their investing needs.

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  1. Qualities Real Estate Investors Are Looking for in Real Estate Apps
  2. Mashvisor: The Best Real Estate App for Investors and Real Estate Professionals
  3. Wrapping Up: What Is the Best Real Estate App?

Preference does play a major part in an investor forming an opinion. However, all of them agree that an app must meet certain standards to even be considered in the conversation. 

That being said, we will discuss seven non-negotiable qualities a real estate app must possess to be considered in the best real estate app discussion. 

Qualities Real Estate Investors Are Looking for in Real Estate Apps

Real estate investors, professionals, property managers, and house hunters are always looking for the next best thing that can make house hunting faster and more efficient. Regardless if they’re looking for rental properties or investment properties to fix and flip, they are on the lookout for the top real estate apps available today. 

What Are Real Estate Apps?

Real estate apps are technological marvels that aid in property hunting, regardless if it’s an investment property or a house to use as a residence. 

Nowadays, investors and industry professionals use a number of top real estate sites in U.S. The real estate websites are a must-have in any property investor’s arsenal. They refer to such sites whenever they need data, are looking for properties to buy, or just looking at overall market conditions as investment option considerations. 

For instance, real estate websites like Zillow or Realtor.com, reliable online marketplaces, are not only used by investors but also by industry professionals for research and study purposes. Zillow, in particular, is quite popular because of its large inventory. Realtor.com, on the other hand, is considered a top website when it comes to rental properties, an absolute must for rental property investors. 

Real estate apps function similarly to websites, but they’re designed for use on mobile and digital devices to make real estate transactions a lot more convenient. Such apps are designed to connect sellers, buyers, landlords, realtors, property managers, and investors to connect to each other with greater ease and convenience. 

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How Do Real Estate Apps Help Investors and Real Estate Professionals?

Real property investors know that they need all the help they can get to make the wisest investment decisions. Modern-day investors rely significantly on technology to help them make the right choices. That being said, they turn to some of the top apps available on the market because of the benefits they bring. 

First, the real estate apps give them quick access to the data they need, right from their mobile phones, tablets, and computers. It makes monitoring market trends and relevant information on the go a lot easier with just a few taps and clicks. 

Second, as we’ve already mentioned above, the apps help connect industry professionals, investors, and enthusiasts with each other.

Third, they help investors and real estate industry insiders get a far more accurate estimate of a property’s value. The best app for real estate, or any decent real estate app for that matter, should be able to perform a comparative analysis of different markets to determine the current market value of a home. A home app that cannot do such a thing cannot be counted in the GOAT discussion as far as apps are concerned. 

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7 Real Estate App Qualities that Are Important to Real Estate Investors

What does it take for a real estate app to be included in the best real estate app discussion? What are some of the qualities that can make a website or platform the GOAT of real estate apps?

We talked to several investors and industry professionals, and here are the top seven answers we goy: 

1. User Interface

Not all real estate investors are tech-savvy. Thus, a complicated user interface will not work well with them. Generally, most investors are just looking for an app that allows them to perform a necessary task in the simplest way possible. It makes user-friendliness one of the things investors are looking for in an app. 

2. Search Efficiency

When it comes to property searches, any app that allows investors to search for investment properties more efficiently is heavily favored. Investors are typically a no-BS type of people. They want things to be upfront and effective. 

3. Inventory Size

An app with a sizable inventory is also quite appealing to real estate investors as it gives them more investment options. Even if an app only has the best and most profitable listed properties, they don’t have much to provide users by way of inventory. The chances are it will get shunned by investors. For investors, the more choices they have, the better the money-making decision they can make. 

4. Market Data Accuracy

Information and data are the drivers of all investment decisions. The two are the ones that will make or break an investment. Obtaining the relevant information and the most accurate data can help investors make the smartest decisions. 

5. Reliability

To investors, an app needs to be reliable since they will largely depend on it. It must be able to perform efficiently without crashing, but it also should allow them to perform investing tasks conveniently. Data accuracy and market relevancy are also factors that contribute to an app’s reliability. 

6. Customer Support

It is often overlooked, but a platform with excellent customer support ranks high among investors’ preferences. They all understand that not one app is perfect, but how the platforms respond to customer feedback, especially grievances, matters. 

7. Affordability

Investors are all about making money. For them, the proverb, “A penny saved is a penny earned,” is something they take seriously. They understand that subscribing to real estate app services is also an investment but they keep their eyes peeled for the app that is more affordable but can do what they need it to do. 

Mashvisor: The Best Real Estate App for Investors and Real Estate Professionals

Perhaps, you already think that it might be near-impossible to find a real estate app that performs exceptionally well in all the seven areas mentioned above. It is true that apps that embody all of those qualities are few and far between. However, there is one particular app that not only meets all of the above qualities but exceeds expectations, too. 

The company we’re talking about is Mashvisor. 

What Is Mashvisor?

Mashvisor is a real estate website that specializes in property search and data analytics. Founded in 2014, it is the go-to app of thousands of real estate professionals, investors, and house hunters. It helps users find the best possible deals that align with their goals. 

The website allows users to search for income properties for sale in the right real estate markets by using different investment tools such as the Property Finder, Real Estate Heatmap, and Investment Property Calculator. It also connects them to local real estate agents and professionals with an agent directory that contains the contact information of reputable professionals. 

To learn more about how Mashvisor can help you find profitable investment properties, schedule a demo.

What Can Mashvisor Offer as a Real Estate App?

As a real estate website, Mashvisor offers a lot to its users and subscribers. Here is how the online real estate marketplace stacks up against the seven qualities investors are looking for to make it the best real estate app:

User-Friendly Interface and Easy Navigation

One of the things indicated in a lot of Mashvisor reviews is how user-friendly the site is. While most experienced and tech-savvy investors can easily figure out how to work with the user interface, novice investors and those who aren’t as technologically adept won’t experience a hard time navigating the site.

The layout is simple and clear – not cluttered and confusing unlike other real estate websites and apps. Investors can easily find the tools they need. All they need to do is click on the dropdown menu labeled “Product” and they will get a list of functions that will lead them to the specific feature they’re looking for. 

Users can just click or tap on each of them to see if they are the tools they need. If they make a mistake, they can always return to the previous page.

Users will also notice that the landing page already includes a search bar for property analysis. It’s because Mashvisor’s team of developers already knows the main reason people are there, which is to locate a property and conduct a thorough analysis. They no longer need to go through different pages to find the feature as it is the very first thing they will see. 

Everything else is pretty easy to locate as the site is very easy to navigate for all types of users. 

Efficient Tool for Property Searches

Let’s be honest, perhaps the main reason why investors are on the constant lookout for the best real estate app is to make investment property search a lot easier for them. Mashvisor’s been getting constant praises from users past and present about how easy it is to locate profitable properties in the right neighborhoods by simply using the app.

Its Property Finder and Real Estate Heatmap features allow users to look up properties using different search filters that best match the characteristics they’re looking for. Users can simply type the city, neighborhood, or zip code in the search bar and press enter, and voila! They will be given search results with updated market data needed to analyze profitability. 

The site does not only show properties listed on the MLS, but it also contains listings for foreclosures, bank-owned houses, and off-market properties.

Best Real Estate App- Mashvisor's Real Estate Heatmap

Mashvisor’s Real Estate Heatmap allows investors to find profitable properties using different search filters based on their investment preferences.

Countless Listings for Investment and Rental Properties

One of Mashvisor’s advantages over the competition is its massive real estate market database. The company’s database covers almost every marketlarge and smallin all 50 states. It includes millions of property listings that are broken down into three categories: investment properties, Airbnb listings, and traditional rentals. 

Users can easily toggle between the tabs to see which properties are performing well under each category. The heatmap also allows users to see which rental properties offer a high earnings potential based on cash on cash return

If you’re looking for cash flow properties that will generate a good passive income, you will definitely want to consider using Mashvisor first. 

Highly Accurate and Massive Real Estate Market Database

One of the main qualities investors are looking for in the best real estate app is its data accuracy. In the world of real estate investing, data is king. Data directs and dictates the decision-making process. Without it, investors seemingly go into a gunfight with knives. They are ill-prepared and lack the necessary weapons needed to protect their investment. 

Data accuracy is a highly sought-after app trait that can make or break any investment. Fortunately, Mashvisor provides one of the best and most accurate databases in the country. Its database is regularly updated according to information and data gathered from trusted and very reliable sources, such as Zillow, Realtor, Airbnb, and other reputable real estate market data sources. 

High Reliability with Data Accuracy

If you’re looking for the best real estate calculator app, look no further than Mashvisor. The website’s real estate investment calculator lets users do the math and find the right properties that line up with their ideal numbers. 

It is not just used to calculate rate of return or cost and expenses. It also lets users locate several prospective properties and present real-time market info which makes data analysis a lot more accurate compared to other apps. 

Investors no longer need to worry about coming up with inaccurate calculations since Mashvisor uses data from highly reliable sources, as we already established earlier. 

Outstanding Customer Support

Of course, no app is perfect but Mashvisor continually strives to take its services to the next level by constantly developing and improving its system and operations. Long-time users can attest to it because they find that most of their concerns are addressed and fixed by Mashvisor’s team of developers. 

The company’s genuine concern for its customers has earned them a high trust score of 4.6 stars out of 5 on TrustPilot. For those who don’t know, TrustPilot gets about a million reviews posted on the website each month, totaling over 111 million reviews in over ten years of existence. The website is as legitimate as it can get, making all the reviews and ratings found on the site trustworthy and reliable. 

Going back to Mashvisor, the real estate website’s team of developers and customer support department continue to focus their efforts on providing the best customer experience in the industry. 

More Bang for Your Buck

One of the things that make Mashvisor the best real estate app in our eyes is its price. Not only is it affordable (with prices as low as $17.99 per month) but investors get useful features that aren’t typically included in others’ same-level tiers. 

Mashvisor offers three different tiers with different features – the Lite Plan ($17.99 a month), the Standard Plan ($49.99 per month), and the Professional Plan ($74.99 a month). As you go one tier up, you get all the inclusions of the previous tier plus several add-ons depending on the plan you choose.

Mashvisor also comes with a seven-day free trial period that allows investors to fully explore what the site has to offer them. Investors who decide to take advantage of the free trial also have the opportunity to sign up for discounted services. 

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Wrapping Up: What Is the Best Real Estate App?

The best real estate app that has all the qualities real estate investors are looking for is Mashvisor. It ticks off every single box on a real estate investor’s list of qualities in an app to make investing a whole lot easier. As far as we’re concerned, it is the best app to use for investing in real estate. 

Mashvisor’s massive and regularly-updated database gives even inexperienced investors an easy time making accurate calculations. With a wide array of investing tools at very affordable prices, it comes as no surprise that countless investors are using the app, with even more people joining the flock each day. The app’s already helped thousands of investors, bringing their real estate investing game to a whole new level. 

To access our real estate investment tools, sign up for a 7-day free trial of Mashvisor today, followed by 15% off for life.

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