Many of us make New Year’s resolutions every year. Whether you like to jot down goals and openly talk about them with friends and family, or if you simply think of a new calendar year as a convenient time of renewal; most of us spend some time looking ahead, setting goals, making plans.

Whatever else your bucket-list may contain, I’d like to make a case for daily Scripture-reading time in 2022. This is a goal many of us make every year to varying degrees of success. In reality, it could be a goal we make or renew every single Sunday. Too many of us only read the Bible on Sunday.

It only takes a minute to create your own Bible Gateway free personal account and you’ll immediately upgrade your Bible Gateway experience. Do it right now!

Bible Gateway has a variety of ways to make this resolution more manageable and fun. I’ll list 3 of them here:

Subscribe to Bible Gateway’s free Verse of the Day

One of the easiest ways to keep God’s Word front and center in your life is by subscribing to the free Verse of the Day. It’s very simple. You can sign up quickly here, or navigate to our newsletter page and choose as many as 5 different Bible translations that will be sent to you in a single, daily free email.

Think of this as a launch point from which you can read the full Bible chapter on the Bible Gateway website or app.

Download the free Bible Gateway App and free Bible Gateway Bible Audio App.

Sign up to receive free Reminders for the NIV Daily Devotional

Sign up to receive by email the free NIV Daily Devotional

If the New International Version (NIV) is your preferred Bible translation, the free NIV Daily Devotional is perfect, and it’s a little more demanding than just a single verse.

For this devotional, you have the option of signing up to daily reminders so you can read it on the Bible Gateway website at your leisure, or you can sign up for free to have the whole devotional delivered to your inbox every morning.

The NIV Daily Devotional consists of a Scripture reading along with a short devotional reflection to help you meditate on and apply what you’ve just read. The readings are hand-picked from over 25 different popular NIV Bibles, including The Jesus Bible, the NIV Quest Study Bible, the NIV Zondervan Study Bible, and many more.

Try Bible Gateway Plus

If you want to take your New Year’s resolution to the next level and really delve into Scripture, consider becoming a Bible Gateway Plus member.

Bible Gateway Plus will give you unlimited, 24/7 instant digital access to a valuable list of more than 40 bestselling and critically-acclaimed Bible reference books and devotionals. These include the abridged Expositor’s Bible Commentary, the NKJV MacArthur Study Bible, selected volumes of the NIV Application Commentary (including all four Gospels), and much more.

Bible Gateway Plus is an impactful way of increasing your biblical curiosity and understanding. We encourage you to explore and learn with our 30-day free trial. Sign up here and find out how it will help you meet your goal to read the Bible every day in 2022.

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