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Have you ever found yourself driving only to realize you’re unsure of where you are? You look over and see GPS isn’t working…and you don’t have a map in your car?

For some people, that’s what manifesting wealth is like – a journey where you don’t know where you are nor how to get to your destination.

But what if it doesn’t have to be that way?

What if you could break free from uncertainty, doubt and fear?

To help you manifest wealth, try these 3 quick tips:

1. Focus on the journey, not the destination. When driving, we have to focus on everything going on around us – other drivers, traffic signals, road work… If we only pay attention to our destination, we lose sight of what is happening on our journey – and we fail to notice what is happening on the road.

It’s the same with money. You might have a certain dollar figure you want to manifest, but there’s more to life and to manifesting than a sum of money. If you only focus on a dollar figure, you lose sight of everything happening around you, including other opportunities to attract the wealth you want.

2. Be limitless. If every time you get behind the wheel, you focus on things that frustrate you – how slow the car in front of you is, how heavy traffic is, how many delays you encounter… your path will be filled with obstacles.

It’s easy to fixate on problems, but that isn’t how you manifest wealth. Instead of allowing your beliefs to limit your financial path, find a way to open yourself to a path of limitless possibilities. Be open to all of the ways wealth can come to you, including the idea it might come to you in a way you never knew existed.

3. Ask for help. When we’re driving, we often think we have to do it on our own. If our surroundings are unfamiliar, we keep driving until we find a place we recognize. If GPS stops, we keep driving until we get a signal again. We forget that it’d be so much easier if we stopped and asked for directions.

When it comes to money, we don’t have to do everything ourselves. Sometimes we have to stop and ask for directions. Be willing to ask for help with all things related to wealth – accounts, investing, asset protection…

You’ve already made a good step by reading this article and visiting my site.

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Quick Tips to Manifest Wealth

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