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When it comes to luxury real estate, most people think about the East Coast’s bustling metropolises with their lumbering multimillion-dollar condominiums filling the skylines or the West Coast’s cool and breezy mansions with to-die-for ocean views.

Although many luxury real estate deals are indeed happening in those places, Prudden & Company founder Peter Prudden, Compass agent Dee Dee Guggenheim Howes and Sotheby’s International Realty star Neyshia Go have all proved there are luxury goldmines all over the country. 

“I’m from flyover country,” Prudden said proudly of his home base, Minneapolis, while a few agents in the Luxury Connect crowd backed him up with a chorus of cheers. “We’re essentially the halfway point between the flight from LA to New York, and our luxury market in Minneapolis is evolving and growing.”

Guggenheim Howes also lauded Houston as a bastion of luxury real estate in the South, thanks to a robust community of architects and designers building scores of unique, luxury estates. “Houston is kind, warm and diverse,” she said. “We are known nationally and internationally actually for our builders, designers and architects.”

“We count on them to build beautiful luxury homes, which they do,” she added. “And without them, I wouldn’t be able to sell anything.”

Both Prudden and Guggenheim Howes said their stories prove success in luxury real estate can happen anywhere and it depends more on an agent’s skills, business acumen, sphere of influence and ability to pivot than their location.

Dee Dee Guggenheim Howes

“I was crazy about it,” Guggenheim Howes said of her entrance into…

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