Many of you have been using Airbnb extensively, especially for the last couple of years. And since you’re probably used to using just one platform, it’s expected that you’re wondering: 

 “Why do I need an alternative?”

Well, for several reasons, actually. 

Although you trust in your primary choice, keeping your options open is crucial. The housing market is not getting any cheaper, and you may often find that everything’s booked ahead of time – especially during busy seasons.

For those and many other valid reasons that are yet to be explained, we present to you the 10 Airbnb competitors that are worth considering.

#1 Vrbo – For Short-Term Rentals

First on our list of Airbnb competitors is Vrbo.

The 2020 housing market is constantly changing – but Vrbo has remained the “older brother” of short-term rentals.

For clarification purposes, Vrbo stands for “Vacation Rentals By Owners.” You got the hint – this is the best option for those with a short-term rental strategy.

In terms of use, Vrbo is very famous and has over 2 million users worldwide – with specific differences in size and property type, of course.

Since it is considered “an older brother,” you’ll find that people list for a living here – literally

The houses are more “polished,” and they’re almost in top shape compared to some other options you’ll come across. Also, Vrbo has its own review system. So, you can assume that the tenant experience is essential here.

With this reputation, property managers on Vrbo can quickly become Premier Hosts as long as they maintain low cancellation rates and have average listing ratings.

As for the price, if you decide to book a property through Vrbo, you’ll have to pay a 12-15% service fee per booking, which is pretty close to the 14-16% commission rate on Airbnb.

If you’re even slightly familiar with hotel booking, then you’ve undoubtedly had the chance to hear about the competitor known as – another popular alternative for the Airbnb real estate investment.

During your travels, you’ve likely got accustomed to room service and, in general, having the assistance of hotel staff at your disposal. And sure, that’s a standard procedure in this type of accommodation – but sometimes, people just want to book a vacation rental with minimal interactions with the host.

That’s what makes one of the best choices for booking a hotel online. 

Here’s what some might not realize: lists homes and apartments – in addition to hotels. So, if you want to change up your plans and look for a possible longer stay, know that this service allows that option.

For property owners and those looking to expand their real estate portfolio, the good news is that listing on is free.

Price-wise, the commission is between 12-18% – depending on the location and the property that’s part of your real estate investing plans.

#3 HomeToGo – For Vacation Rentals

Third on our list of Airbnb competitors is essentially a search engine for condos, cabins, and villas.

The main difference between Airbnb and this platform is that HomeToGo works like a search engine that pulls listings from other sites.

In terms of numbers, HomeToGo features more than 18 million offers in 200 countries. As for listings, it pulls them from more than 600 different websites.

The start-up began its journey in Berlin, after which it expanded to California – and thrived as a vacation-rental platform.

HomeToGo represents a fantastic alternative because it’s pretty budget-friendly and suitable for travelers looking for a quick and efficient choice.

The commission fee is 14%, which is neck to neck with many other competitors to Airbnb.

#4 Flipkey – For Small-Group Bookings

Flipkey is next on our list of Airbnb competitors.

And unlike most other platforms, this competitor proves to be highly efficient when it comes to small-group bookings and tracking down attractive tourist destinations. In general, there’s an abundance of small homes that can accommodate three to six people.

The thing is, you might not encounter a homely feeling that you might find somewhere else, but you get to spend your days with your companions – and that’s the essential part of any group traveling experience.

When it comes to their search engine, you have the opportunity to filter through dozens of amenities and quickly find the one that suits your needs.

#5 Plum Guide – For Luxury Vacation Rentals

Let’s be honest – quality is a major factor in real estate; it’s no surprise that your effort goes into searching for higher-quality vacation rentals.

Unlike other Airbnb competitors, the Plum Guide is a platform for those with slightly higher standards.

Making money in real estate – and, more precisely, through the Plum Guide – is a little more complex than what you might be used to here. 

According to statistics, this platform accepts less than 5% of the properties that need to be listed. And not just that – it runs each through their long list of criteria. Everything’s tested. When we say “everything,” we mean it – even shower pressure is listed as one of their criteria.

Just because the rules are strict, it doesn’t mean your choices are limited. Currently, Plum Guide has about 12,000 active listings in more than 17 countries.

Here’s a quick heads-up if you’re interested in this platform:

The booking fee you pay is due at the time of booking, not sooner or later – so make sure to go through the property cancellation policy carefully.

And lastly, a little disclaimer for property owners – listing on this property is free, but you will have to go through a detailed inspection first.

We’re halfway through, and you’ve seen some options that are worth considering. However, we’ve got something to add. So, property owners, listen up:

If you’re serious about taking steps to expand your real estate portfolio, you should take a second to check out our Airbnb Calculator.

Airbnb calculator

Mashivor’s Airbnb Profitability Calculator is the tool you’ve been looking for all this time. It helps you find the best and most efficient location to help you attain a profit – and using it will allow you to compare occupancy and income in any area.

#6 Outdoorsy – For RVs and Campervans

Outdoorsy is a whole other experience – but it still falls in the category of Airbnb competitors you should know about in 2022.

Up until now, we’ve been talking about renting out small homes, hotel rooms, and such – but with Outdoorsy, you get to explore the outside world by renting out a campervan.

Yes, you heard that right.

Outdoorsy is the closest to a mobile rental platform.

You get to choose between modern campers, luxury Winnebagos built for trips, and vintage airstreams – so, you’re in for a quality experience.

It’s budget-friendly – and a great alternative to the traditional hotel room or apartment.

#7 Google – For All Types Of Accommodation

Believe it or not, Google is among the top 10 Airbnb competitors.

Even with a hundred options and updated online platforms that give you the ability to quickly and easily pin down the accommodation for your vacation, some people still opt for going the traditional way.

Mind you, when we say “some,” we actually mean millions.

The reason why people are still using Google as an alternative is that it has partnered with OTAs and selected managers for Rentals United.

You’re familiar with Google Maps, right? 

Well, together with Travel Search, Google incorporated some vacation rentals, as well.

Listing your property on Google is a fantastic way to share it with millions of people browsing through accommodation options. What’s more, there’s no commission fee – so that’s another plus here.

#8 Homestay – For Hosted Experience

Moving down on our list of Airbnb competitors, we have Homestay.

For those who are not familiar with the name, Homestay’s what Airbnb was initially supposed to be. With Homestay, you’re always staying at a host’s house.

Some would argue that the primary advantage of this type of rental is that you get to live the “local life” and be a part of the experience. 

However, there are a lot of downsides to this. Someone who isn’t used to such a “personal” host-guest relationship might be better off skipping this option.

Also, the quality of your stay generally depends on the location. Tenants have reported a wonderful experience staying in some of the most beautiful places in the world like Paris, London – and even Savannah.

Just because you’re staying at a host’s place, that doesn’t mean there will be fewer options. On the contrary, the popularity of this experience is growing – and you will always be able to find a unique place for your stay.

#9 Blueground – For Long-Term Apartments

We are nearing the end of our Airbnb competitors list – and we’d like to mention a long-term solution.

For those searching for long-term apartments (anywhere), Blueground is your go-to platform. This platform specializes in prolonged stays that exceed 30 days – and it predominantly lists fully-furnished apartments.

One more thing:

Although they don’t actually own the apartment, they take care of the interior and design of the property itself. All things considered, you can expect quality. Properties on Blueground are fully equipped with kitchen equipment, Wi-Fi, and toiletries, among other things.

This platform is not insignificant at all. It deals with 5,000 properties in 18 different cities in America, the Middle East, and Europe.

As far as commission and service fees go, Blueground will rent out your apartment or house for a fixed income. That is a fantastic way for property owners to avoid the hustle of finding tenants and dealing with guest turnovers.

We’re closing our list of Airbnb competitors with TripAdvisor.

When you think about travel-related reviews, you should immediately turn your attention to TripAdvisor. But reviews are not the only thing that this platform offers.

TripAdvisor is last on our list for Airbnb competitors, and it deals with 800,000 properties in more than 200 countries worldwide.

It’s no small deal, as you can see.

The reviews are its most valued asset, as they’re constantly updated, and you can count on them to be authentic. And for those looking for some additional information, you get to see photos from actual visitors that have been there.

Why is this beneficial? Well, it’s pretty clear: 

Even today, some property owners are eager to ramp up their property and post images that are nothing like the property you get when you visit.

Another fantastic thing about the TripAdvisor platform is that it lets you in on all kinds of relevant information regarding your desired destination.

All things considered, it helps you make a calculated decision prior to your trip. On the other hand, if you’re a property owner, you can always take a closer look into what others have to say about your property.

Final Thoughts

As you could see while you were going through our round-up of Airbnb competitors, there are many valuable options to choose from here.

You may have known some of them, while others come as a total surprise. Nevertheless, feel free to take advantage of each of the listed options – because you now have specific background information.

In addition to the traditional Airbnb investment property, you’re free to consider other options such as, HomeToGo, Flipkey, and so many other alternatives we’ve outlined for you.

There is one more thing we want to say:

If you’re currently on the market and you’re having trouble with making money in real estate – whether it’s quality or location-wise – Mashvisor is here to help. Start out your 7-day free trial with Mashvisor now.


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