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Why Real Estate Won't Work

Why Real Estate Won't Work

Real Estate is not for everyone. Even though real estate is a vital part of everyone's life. Every human being needs somewhere to live. And in many desirable places throughout the world. There are opp... ...more

Real Estate

December 03, 20233 min read

No Money Real Estate - Shocking Truth

No Money Real Estate - Shocking Truth

Anyone can buy property using no money down real estate. Yes that includes you! However there are a few key elements that you can't afford to skip. If you do, these will totally ruin your chances of y... ...more

No Money Real Estate Investing

September 17, 20236 min read

How Much is Confusion, Overwhelm and Procrastination Costing You?

Most people struggle to do the key activities that lead to closing deals. When you don't have a dependable system and accountability for closing deals ...

  • Confused not knowing what to do

  • Feast or famine income

  • Less time spent with family and friends

  • Worried about money all the time

  • Afraid to make mistakes

  • Not knowing who to trust


That's What It's All About... Right?

We start our business because we want to be in control of our most important resources; time and money. Business should free you from stress and give you more of your time back. Investing in real estate should be enjoyable and should work. Most people don't know how to to use their time properly when they start investing in real estate part time. Instead out of fear they try to do everything themselves, hit road blocks and get no results. Watch the free on-demand class and discover the tools and accountability to finally get the end result you’ve been looking for.

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Get Your First Deal In The Next 90 Days. So That You're Competent and Confident To Close More Deals

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Instead of going through this on your own and struggling. We will allow you to work part-time and virtually inside of our company so that you can earn as you learn. WE will partner with you on the deals and teach you.

Predictable System

Follow a process that works. As long as you put forth the proper consistent effort for your future. You can confidently use a system that works. It works as long as you work. It's like saying 1 + 1 = 2


Having a predictable way to earn income and leverage time is a one of the monumental steps to building wealth one asset at a time.

Follow These Three Easy Steps


Watch Class

Fun Video shows you how to get started as a total beginner in real estate. You can even get our recommendations for which the easiest methods and markets are best for your business even if you're a beginner.


Follow System

When something works, all you have to do is follow the steps and repeat them. Discover the plan that works best for you and feel confident that you made the right choice.


Close Deals

Take a lead to a signed contract so that your buyers can pay you quickly. Know the fastest way to get paid and how to repeat the process for maximum profit.

Real Estate GURUS like to make real estate investing too hard

(And There's A Reason For That)

"Investing In Mentorship Can Be Intimidating Because Everyone Promises The Moon.

So How Do You Know You're Making The Right Choice?"

When I first started my real estate investing journey I struggled like most people doing anything new. What really gave me the boost I needed was having a mentor. Having someone that was willing to jump in the trenches with me. This enabled me to be more confident, active and focused. No longer did I feel like a Lone Ranger afraid to take a chance, talk to a seller or even negotiate with a buyer.

I had someone who wanted me to succeed just as much as I wanted to. Having my mentor in my life was truly a blessing.

I was told that if you want to go fast, go by yourself. However, if you want to go further. Go with others. We are all standing on the shoulders of others before us. Wisdom is to learn from the mistakes, challenges and triumphs of others. So that you don’t have to make the same mistakes as others before
you. This saves you effort, money and most importantly time.

My mentor came into my life when I thought I was at my lowest point. I thought I had done everything right. Graduated college, took a job with a Fortune 500 company. Company credit card, traveling allowances, company car .. I literally through things could only get better.

I quickly learned that I was dispensable. My entire division and recruiting class were no more. There I was unemployed, afraid, lonely and depressed.

My saving grace was that throughout the years of me working in corporate America, I was still maintaining a “side hustle”.
I was periodically closing real estate wholesaling deals while working my 9-5. It was a skill that I initially began in college. Since college I’ve been able to participate in deals as small as $1,000’s to multiple $10,000,000’s. From real estate transactions to business acquisitions. And to think that it all started with wholesaling real estate.

Learning how to wholesale real estate is such a great way to learn and develop necessary skills for wealth creation.

Sadly, too many “Gurus” make a simple process such as wholesaling real estate into a complicated bowl of spaghetti. This is completely unnecessary, it’s already hard enough learning something new. Because of this I’ve decided to help more people learn more and do more using simpler techniques, methods and processes that a 5th grader can understand.

I’m so confident in our abilities to help you that I’m willing to make a bet. If you follow our system and coaching and it doesn’t work… it’s free! As a matter of fact, to show that we have some skin in the game. I’m willing to partner with you on up to two deals. Why? Because by partnering with you it will show that it’s mutually beneficial for you to complete your first deal.

Sound Too Good To Be True?

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